Leisure Suit Larry II: Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places)


Eve barely remembers Larry from the previous game and sends him packing
A helicopter arrives at the secret hideout of Dr. Noonooke.
Dr. Noonooke pondering about his evil plans
Buying a lottery ticket a Quickie Mart
Larry on the Dating Connection
Larry wins a million bucks!
The receptionist of the TV Studio
Buying a swimsuit at Molto Lira
The drugstore
Larry imagines his new look at the hairdresser
The music store
Larry gets caught by the KGB
Boarding the ship
Will Larry ever find love?
The ship's layout
Meeting Momma
The ship's swimming pool
The ship's bar
Enabling emergency evacuation
Heading for the rowing boat
Larry leaves the ship
Nice wig, Larry
Finally back on land
Oh gosh! They're not wearing anything!
Finding a way through the jungle
Larry gets served last...
Messing around with the maid
Tricking the KGB agent, Larry style.
Probably the narrowest path in any Sierra game
KGB agents guard the airport entrance
With those ques, Larry will never get a ticket
Time for a haircut
Searching people's luggage
This might get those people out
Let's have a quick meal before boarding.
Heading for the waiting room
The waiting room
Boarding the plane
First class seats
Second class seats...