Matthew Thornton

Easter Eggs

Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh (Egg id: 188)

Games on the computer

Login to the WynTech network as Trevor Barnes and use the password: bellybutton. Click on the Games directory and play one or all of - Pong, WynVade, or WynTrek. This Egg works in every chapter. This gives 49 Easter Egg points.

After activating the previous Easter Egg, Alt-click on Wynvade.exe. If you win the game, the spacecraft will change to human heads (of director Andy Hoyos, producer Matthew Thornton, and project manager Tammy Dargan), you will hear a deep laugh, and a voice will say, "Stay a while, stay forever". Just for fun, play this new game ("BossVaders") for a few moments. When you lose, Bob will deliver the line "Kiss my ass!". This Egg works in every chapter. This gives 1 Easter Egg point.