Suzi Livengood

Easter Eggs

Dagger of Amon Ra: A Laura Bow Mystery (The) (Egg id: 404)

Several paintings in the Old Masters Gallery refer to the game developers:
- one is titled as "Art Is Work" by Fra Bobetto Gleasoni, a reference to art designer Bob Gleason.
- One is titled as "Musings on Cyberspace" by John Wentworth, the Flemish Master, painted in 1533. John Wentworth is one of the programmers of the game.
- One is titled "Trouble on Two Legs" by Dennis Lewis, date unknown. Dennis Lewis was background artist, animator and voice actor of the game.
- One is titled "Two Brothers Drinking in a Tavern" by Rick Morgan, referring to background artist Maurice Morgan.
- One is titled "Cart Before The Horse" by Suzetto Livengoodoni, referring to background artist Suzi Livengood.