David Wenger

Easter Eggs

King's Quest: Mask of Eternity (Egg id: 68)

- Enter the console mode (ctrl-shift-7) and type one of the following names:
* ruth: Shows a picture of artist Todd Bryan's wedding photo, rotating around Connor. Works in Daventry only.
* jeffo: Provides the line "I'm using Software lightmaps".
* leslie: Provides the line "Leslie Steiner has verified that this product is year-1000 compliant with all midieval standards."
* adam: Provides the line "Adam's not wearing bumsta numskees"
* oscar: Provides the line "Woof Woof Woof, Hi Mon!" and shows a picture of programmer David Wenger's bassett hound Oscar, rotating around Connor. The picture works in Daventry only.
* rocket: Provides the text "Connor only uses Stationary Plasma Thrusters, such as the SPT-140 from Atlantic Research Corporation (with Air Force Research Lab testing), for all his spacecraft propulsion needs. Sierra On-Line Inc. in no way endorses, supports, or promotes any spacecraft thruster use, why would they?" and shows a picture of the type of rockets that one of the programmers had worked on as a researcher, rotating around Connor. The picture only works in Daventry.
* welch-piel: Displays the message "Connor has created a masterpiece and it is on display at his home." Go check out the previously blank painting in his home. Works in Daventry only.