Maurice F. Morgan

Easter Eggs

Police Quest III: The Kindred (Egg id: 45)

You'll find a bunch of Sierra employees in the PD's computer system, such as Jon Bock, Jane Cardinal, Jeff Crowe, Mark Crowe, Carlos Escobar, Desi Hartman, Jane Jensen and more.

Dagger of Amon Ra: A Laura Bow Mystery (The) (Egg id: 404)

Several paintings in the Old Masters Gallery refer to the game developers:
- one is titled as "Art Is Work" by Fra Bobetto Gleasoni, a reference to art designer Bob Gleason.
- One is titled as "Musings on Cyberspace" by John Wentworth, the Flemish Master, painted in 1533. John Wentworth is one of the programmers of the game.
- One is titled "Trouble on Two Legs" by Dennis Lewis, date unknown. Dennis Lewis was background artist, animator and voice actor of the game.
- One is titled "Two Brothers Drinking in a Tavern" by Rick Morgan, referring to background artist Maurice Morgan.
- One is titled "Cart Before The Horse" by Suzetto Livengoodoni, referring to background artist Suzi Livengood.