Controversy: Paul Trowe on the Two guys

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Date: 2012-05-02

On May 2, Paul Trowe, founder and CEO of Replay Games whose Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Kickstarter had just successfully ended, posted a comment on former Sierra and Space Quest IV composer Ken Allen's Facebook page - a comment which raised more than a few eyebrows among Sierra fans and SpaceVenture backers, many of whom also backed the Larry Reloaded Kickstarter.

Ken invited fans to ask questions for an upcoming Q&A by Chris Pope (community leader and podcast host of SpaceVenture), to which Paul replied:

"Ask them a hard question. Ask them why they didn't join up with the folks at Replay Games to create Sierra 2.0 and instead chose some guy they've never heard of, Chris Pope, to run a company they don't own."

While it was impossible to know what could have led Mr. Trowe to post that on a public forum like Facebook or even what he was insinuating, it seemed that some argument had taken place between him and the SpaceVenture team.

Obviously the speculations began immediately at the forums of Guys of Andromeda and other forums. What did he mean with Sierra 2.0? Was Paul aiming to have multiple classic Sierra IPs under one umbrella at Replay Games with him at the helmet? Did Mark and Scott decline a collaboration and, if so, why the apparent anger? Would they not be allowed to run their own project without Replay involvement? And why take aim at Chris Pope, a person who's been known among the community of Sierra fans for many years as a die-hard Space Quest fan, and who had recently been invited to become the spokesperson for the SpaceVenture project? And why would a CEO who had just successfully raised over $650,000 for a project, post such a comment in public in the first place? Shouldn't disputes be discussed without involving the fan base?

Whatever the reason behind that post, it certainly provided for negative sentiment a lots of speculation within the community. And then, things got worse. Having discovered the forum thread where the matter was being discussed, Paul Trowe responded as follows:

Wow, you kids really like to just make stuff up, don't you? So, considering all of you don't know any of the real facts about what's been going on, why don't you just ask Scott Murphy why a) they canceled Space Quest 7 B) why him and pretty much everybody at Sierra fell out of grace with Scott except myself and Leslie Balfour c) when nobody in the entire world would talk to him, I hosted him at my house in Austin, Texas and paid for him to go skydiving because he didn't have the funds d) protected him from this woman named Elizaberh Whitener who was trying to exploit him while he was in Austin, and e) personally encouraged Scott to make amends with Mark, Robin Bradley, and pretty much everybody else he ruined his personal relationships with.

So while you continue to bash me with no evidence at all, just pure conjecture, know this: I'm the one who told Scott he should get back together with Mark and do another Space Quest. Suddenly I never hear from him and the next thing I know I'm getting a cease and desist letter from someone I helped pull out of the gutter, LITERALLY.

Go ahead, rant and rave about me. I realize you guys have nothing better to do, but those are the facts. If you want me to go on a Pod Cast with either one or both of them I'm perfectly willing to do that. This will be my only post.

It's very easy to take cheap shots at somebody behind their back, and it's also pretty low.

If anybody knows me, they know what kind of person I am and how altruistic my intentions are. So go ahead, poke all the fun you want...

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