Paul Trowe taunts the SpaceVenture team... again.

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Date: 2013-10-08

As the expression goes: "A mule doesn't hit the same rock twice". That apparently does not apply to Replay Games founder and CEO Paul Trowe who, once again, thought he would get away with smack-talking the developers of SpaceVenture on update #81 of their Kickstarter page.

Here's what he posted:

So 6 days have gone by with no update from Chris Pope or Scott/Mark. They obviously ran out of money. If you couldn't read between the lines on the update, let me spell it out for you: "we did lose one of our Unity programmers due to him having another contract to take on". This means they either a) weren't paying him/her any money OR b) we're paying him/her so little that the person needed to take on a job to pay the rent.

I know what it's like to run out of money on a Kickstarter because we went WAY over budget with our Leisure Suit Larry Kickstarter. A ton of stuff cost more than we budgeted for, and took way longer than we thought it would, BUT WE STILL DELIVERED an awesome game. How did we do that? We did it because we had a real company pulling in money for other avenues of revenue from Replay Games. I seriously think they're out of money are are up shit's creek without a paddle.

I honestly don't think they have an answer for any of this or else all the issues below would have been addressed by now.
When we did our Kickstarter we did an update every 2 weeks and we're completely transparent about needing to find a new development team, why we were late, and so forth. At some point you've got to ask yourself, what are they hiding and why?

The comment soon backfired as the SpaceVenture backers, who had hoped that Paul Trowe had backed down after his previous outbursts towards the developers and others, are getting fed up with his antics. This included comments of several of Paul's own team of Larry Reloaded developers who volunteered countless hours of their time to bring Replay's game to a successful conclusion, yet never asked or were never proposed to be paid for their work. In addition Paul Trowe also did not submit any proof to his claims about the financial status of the SpaceVenture developers.

Let's just say it was not a smart move to pick yet another argument with those who also helped financing his Replay Games' project, let alone with his own development team...

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