SWAT: Urban Justice


SWAT: Urban Justice was unreleased. At Gamepressure.com it is described as follows:

SWAT: Urban Justice is a tactical action game by the development team of Sierra Studios. The player takes on the role of commander of the LA SWAT Team, which is given the task of suppressing the war of gangs, capturing criminals and restoring peace on the streets of Los Angeles.

SWAT: Urban Justice is the next installment of the well-known Sierra series about the activities of SWAT units. However, it should be noted at the beginning that this game should not be called SWAT 4, because, according to Sierra, it is something more. Urban Justice is based on the previous parts of the series, but it brings a lot of novelty and, above all, a new concept. The action still takes place in Los Angeles and the player becomes the commander of the SWAT branch, namely the LA SWAT Team, and not the LAPD SWAT team as before. This means that the game does not have a police license from Los Angeles. According to the creators, this is due to the desire to lift the limitations of the authentic SWAT troops in Los Angeles. For example, this allows us to use special shields for street riots. Previously this was not possible because the SWAT units do not use them. The same applies to the technique and tactics of combat and women, who in fact are not in the ranks of the SWAT troops, but in the game as much as possible. Despite these changes, the game is still very realistic and reflects in detail every aspect of anti-terrorist actions.

In 2006 a bloody street war between three gangs begins: Loco Riders, Krazy Boyz and Compton 187. The player is asked to capture the criminals and restore peace in the streets. There are sixteen missions to complete, unlike the previous fully linear parts. Their targets are different, including the capture of the suspect in the street in the car and the release of the hostage; and they take place in different authentic locations in Los Angeles, including Olvera Street and Griffith Observatory. We have been given to our hands a large arsenal of weapons, rifles (including MP5, MP5SD, MP5K, MP5 PDW, UMP45, M4 RIS, H&K G3, H&K G36C, P90, Steyr Aug, M4A2, AK-47, AK-74U, AN94, Super 90) pistols (m.In addition, there are also other gadgets, gas masks, goggles, helmets, bulletproof vests, grenades, etc., such as Glock 21, Glock 19, FN57, Colt 1911, M9, Beretta 93R, USP 40). The characters in the game have their own personal characteristics, such as resistance to pain, strength and speed of movement, and their bodies have been divided into 29 injury zones. SWAT: Urban Justice is complemented by an advanced three-dimensional graphical engine (5,000 polygons per character), a powerful multiplayer mode that allows 24 people to play in different modes, including deathmatch, team deathmatch, VIP protection, cooperative; and an editor that allows you to create your own maps and scenarios.

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