King's Quest: Mask of Eternity


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Hall of War
Crossing the broken bridge
Feather of Truth
Scales of Justice
Azriel is freed
Hall of Immortality
The Sacred Heart
The blood has drained
Sylph's protective spell
Rounded key lock
Skeleton archers
Imaginary door
Fighting the skeleton commander
Spirits guard the hammer
Azriel's Hammer
Throwing switches
Taking out Weepers
Taking out a Weeper
Opening the gate to the Bridge of Life
Skeleton Commander blocks the path
Invisible Connor
Bridge of Life
Portal to the Swamp
Swamp loading screen
Swamp loading screen
Arrival at the Swamp
The swamp
Swamp Slime
Large mushrooms
Oracle of the Tree
Swamp Fiend attack
Swamp Fiends
shack in the swamp
Shack in the Swamp
Swamp shack
Bubble monster
Overhearing the Whispering Weeds
Killing a Swamp Fiend
Bubble Monster and Swamp Slime
Giant Golden Mushroom
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