King's Quest: Mask of Eternity


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Swamp well
Mandragor Trees
fighting a Mandragor Tree
Fallen warrior
Using the bow
Swamp Slime attack
Carnivorous plants
Killing a carnivorous plant
Killing carnivorous plants
Swamp whisps
Swamp flower
Teleporter hut
Bridge structure
To the Swamp Witch
Swamp Witch
Opening the swamp castle gate
Victims of the Swamp Witch
Dead Goblin
Vision in the cauldron
Triggering a ceiling trap
In the Swamp Witch castle
Ledge of the Swamp Witch castle
Swamp Witch castle
Chain mail suit
The second mask piece
Facing the henchman
Defeating the henchman
To the bridge
Climbing to the bridge
Crossing the swamp bridge
Approaching the stump puzzle
Stump puzzle
Potion of reveal helps out
Swamp fiends guard the ladle
Golden Ladle
Returning to the bridge
To the swamp teleporter
Swamp teleporter
Unicorn is cured
Dim crystal pyramid
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