King's Quest: Mask of Eternity


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Breaking the neck of an Ice Orc
Freeing the Gryph King
The Gryph King returns to his flock
Connor is being watched
Attack from above
Falling through the roof
Fighting Thork
Fighting Thork
Melting the ice
Freezing to ice
Using ice as lever
Frozen henchman
Destroying the henchman
The fourth Mask piece
Henchman resurrected
Fighting the henchman
Riding the dragon
Arrval at the Gryph castle
Gryph guards
Gryph King
Gryph King castle
Frost Demon attack
Snow Mane attack
Flaming sword in ice
Breaking the ice
Flaming sword
Mountain citadel
Guard tower
Roof of the guard tower
Small supply room
Permanent Spell of Might
Reading the crucifix inscription
Frost Demons
Something awaits up there
Two-headed dragon
Fighting the dragon
Paradise Lost loading screen
Paradise Lost loading screen
Entering Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost
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