Stay Tooned!


The game takes place in an apartment building with 5 floors, a cellar and roof. Each floor has four apartments, T-shaped corridor and elevator. Apartments are numbered by the floor number followed by A (lower left), B (lower right), C (upper left) and D (upper right). Your apartment, where you start the game, is apartment 4A.

When you start the game, you'll have the following door keys: 2B, 3D, 4A and 5A. You'll need to find all other keys. Note that puzzles change whenever you replay the game.

Apartment 4A

Apartment 4A - TV room

Click the TV controller power button to switch on the TV. Zap the channels a bit and switch off the TV - cartoon characters will jump out of the TV, snatch your remote control and escape all over the apartment building. Your quest is to find the TV remote.

Optional: Click on the left lounge chair - Chisel throws a pie in your face. Click and drag the tissue to clear away the pie.
Optional: Click on the window light.
Optional: Click on the lamp
Optional: click on the broken TV.
Optional: Click the arcade on the table to play Toon Boy.

Turn right and click on the shoes to get the key to 2C.
Optional: Click the portrait
Optional: Press the light switch. Click on the door - somebody asks for a password (in your own apartment!)

Turn left twice: the left door goes into the bathroom, the right into the kitchen.

Apartment 4A - Bathroom

Optional: click on the bathtub - there are several animations.
Optional: click on the toilet.
Optional: click on the pipes box and select water, syrup, pudding or gravy. Turning on the sink faucet will then drip out the selected option.
Examine the towel to find the password (which changes from game to game).
Click on the shampoo to get the key to 1B.

Apartment 4A - Kitchen

Optional: click on the flowers.
Optional: click on the kitchen cabinets.
Optional: click on the cabinet beside the fridge.
Optional: click on the windows to see the barbers sing on the roof (the songs slightly differ).
Optional: click on the cooking pot.
Optional: click on the ingredients in the corner.
Optional: click on the ceiling lamp.
Optional: click on the fridge to play Fridge Fight.

Click on the locksmith note on the fridge to get the key to 1C.

Apartment 4A - TV Room

Go to the locked door, type the password and press "Enter."

4th floor corridor

Check the map at the right of the elevator at the end of the hall. This tells you of which rooms you have the key, which you have visited, and which you don't have the key yet. Note also the note about Frank being on the first floor. Enter the elevator and go to the second floor.

2nd floor corridor

If you're attacked by bees, swat them with your hand by clicking on them until they're all dead.
If you're confronting a fighter, slap him in the face and gut until he drops.
If a tree trunk blocks your way, use the woodpecker to chop down along the dotted line.
If they steal the mouse cursor, move the dog around until he pukes it out again.
If the corridor catches fire, extinguish it.
If a guy wants to play the shell game (find a key under a cup), check under his hat to get the key to 5B.

Optional: Try entering 2B for some Shapespear references.

3rd floor corridor

Enter 3D. 3D (Games Room) When I first went in, I was made to play the shell game. The key is not under any of the shells but under his hat. Click on his hat to get the key to 3A. Play the 3D games. I especially liked D-Ding Dong ("putting 3D into ping pong"). Enter 3A. 3A (Desert) When the witch is crushed, grab her ruby slippers. Click on the cow skull to get the key to 2A. Go to the elevator and down to the first floor. First Floor (Corridor) Turn left at the end of the corridor. Frank is on the phone talking about trying to find ruby slippers. Give him the slippers. He thanks you profusely. Use the phone to call the Cable Guy. He won't come out to fix the cable box until he gets his other sock. Pull the switch in the fuse box at the top of the stairs. Go down to the cellar. Cellar The washing machine explodes, throwing laundry everywhere. You must collect clothing pairs. Drag one of the pair to the other. They will be removed. There is one left over: the Cable Guy's missing sock! Go next door to the boiler room. Boiler Room The mice are dreaming of cheese (and other dairy products). Switch on the light to wake them. They are uncooperative. Return to the phone. First Floor (Corridor) Phone the Cable Guy. He agrees to come out to fix the cable box since you found his sock. Go to room 5A on the fifth floor. 5A (Laboratory) Get the key from the top drawer of the desk. Enter the time machine plane. 5A (Time Machine) Follow Dr. Pickle's instructions. Select 966 AD. Click on the buttons, switches, and levers as indicated. Then press the blue power button. This is randomly decided every time. 966 AD Click on the television to play Shlepardy. Make sure you win by answering sensibly. This isn't hard for most people! When you win, select the cheese. Return to Pixel and Chisel. Click on them to enter the dungeon. Dungeon Play Dr. Pickle's game. In three trials, you must find the two (out of the nine) that are exact matches. When complete, you return to the fifth floor and now have the key to 5B. Go to 5B. 5B (Kartoon Kombat) Play Kartoon Kombat if you want. Return to the first floor and then to the boiler room. Boiler Room Wake the rats and give them the cheese. They give you much advice. Go back to 5A. 5A (Time Machine) Go to 1820. Fiddle is tied to the train tracks. Train Tracks Use the bricks at right to block off the tunnel. When you are run over (anyway), you are transported to a Wild West town: Boot Hill. Boot Hill Go to jail (do not pass go, etc.!) You're locked up. Try to get the keys from the jailer. Not so easy ... Bend the bars by clicking on them several times. Now, you get the keys. Go to the gravestones. Gravestones Click on the gravestone at right. You get the key to 1D. Go in the barbershop. Barbershop Lather Fiddle up. Use the straightedge razor. When you shave him, you get a key. (Keep lathering and shaving for some morbid fun.) Go to the second floor. Second Floor (Corridor) Pixel threw a bomb at me when I arrived on this floor. Quickly click it to throw it back. Use the fire extinguisher to put out the fires. Enter 2A. 2A (Lounge Singer) Click on the tip jar to get a couple of tips. Head to 2C. 2C (Deli) Click on Fiddle in the corner. Drag the food to him until he eats it all and explodes. You get the key to 5D that he swallowed. Go up the elevator to room 5D. 5D (Upside-Down TV Room) Go through the door into the kitchen. Kitchen Open the oven. Aha! The remote. It's too hot to take out. Mrs. Findley tells you you'll need to find an oven mitt. She tells you "one of those freaks" took it. Go downstairs to 1B. 1B (Wedding Ceremony) The bride asks you to film their wedding. After doing so, you are rewarded with a key to 2D. Go to 1C. 1C (Amusement Park) Go into the Tent of Freaks. 1C (Tent of Freaks) When able, take the cheese from the cheese monster if you haven't got any before. More importantly, take the oven mitt when the appropriate freak is displayed. Having acquired the oven mitt, you can now win the game (go to 5D kitchen). If you want a sense of closure by having accessed all the rooms, move to the right to the test of strength. 1C (Test of Strength) Click on Frank to draw back the hammer. Click again to get him to hit the strength tester. When the gauge registers "smokin'," you get the key to 3B. Exit the room and go to 3B. 3B (Train Depot) Click on the box to get the blueprint. Click on the blueprint to examine it. Take all the pieces out of the box one by one. Construct the machine. Pieces make a metallic clang when they are in the correct place and can no longer be moved. The building process is divided into three stages. When you get it all complete, you are rewarded with a key to 4B. Head upstairs to room 4B. 4B (Stereo) Click on the tweeter to get the key to 4C. Go to 4C. 4C (Vault) Click on the vault drawers until you find the one that contains the combination. Then find the three characters that make up the code. Drag them to the appropriate boxes at the bottom of the vault door. My code was 26D (two six delta). The vault opens and you can take some cheese. Go to 1D. 1D (Game?) You need your 3D glasses for this moving scenery thing. I don't know what it was for. Click on a door to leave. Return to 5D kitchen. 5D (Kitchen) Open the oven and take the TV remote. Now you must send the cartoon characters back. You are in the corridor. Corridor Zap the characters to send them back to cartoon land. When you have sent all five main characters back, the end video plays. Be sure to watch the credits video. A satisfying departure from other adventure games ... The End