Incredible Machine (The): Add On Disk


The Incredible Machine Add On Disk was not available in stores and didn't come in a box. Instead owners of The Incredible Machine had to send an order for the disk directly to Sierra. It was sent in a large envelope with a manual, disk and note, which reads:

"Dear Incredible Customer,

Thank you for ordering The Incredible Machine add-on disk and for your incredible patience while awaiting its arrival. It took us a bit longer than expected to finalize the new features, parts, music and the 73 new puzzles included with this add-on but we think you'll find it was well worth the wait.

Actually, you are the first on your block to see these new puzzles and features. The rest of the world won't get the chance to test their skills on the new Incredible Machine for another month or so when the new features are added to the original version of the game and the whole thing is repackaged with a completely new look. We're mentioning this so that when you see the new packaging in the stores you'll know that you already have the most current version of the game.

Have fun tackling this current set of challenges. When (and if) you finish them, the creators of The Incredible Machine have some even crazier antics up their diabolical sleeves! Coming this Fall, we'll be tempting you with an all new twist on puzzle-solving madness. It's wickedly hilarious puzzle-mania that you won't want to miss. Until then, good luck!"

The add-on was then released along with the original Incredible Machine as The Even More Incredible Machine.

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