Crazy Nick's Software Picks: Robin Hood's Games Of Skill And Chance



In this screen you can select which game to play. Clicking the "About Games" button brings up the "About Menu", where you can see game play instructions, info on other Crazy Nicks and other Sierra titles, and game credits.
Clicking on "Quit Games" makes you exit the game.

Unlike some other Crazy Nick games, Roger Wilco's Spaced Out Game Pack does not have a menu bar and options screen.


The technique is simple - aim for the center of the target and adjust your aim according to the wind direction, which is indicated by direction the flag is flapping. If the flag is for example flapping on the left side of its pole, you know there is wind blowing leftward, and you need to aim your arrow a bit more to the right of the center of the target to incorporate the wind's influence. After 6 shots Robin will collect the arrows and you can try again for as long as you like. You can't win or lose with this game.


Morris could easily be one of the oldest board games in the world. It's been found scratched into the roof of a 1400BC Egyptian temple, in the ruins of Troy, in a Bronze Age tomb in Ireland, and in the burial ship of a Viking king. "Morris" seems to have come from the French name for the game "merelles". This is a two-person game. Each player has 9 pieces. Anything will do: 9 dimes and 9 pennies, 9 poker chips of 2 colors etc. There are 24 "points" on the board where a piece may be placed. These are the corners of the squares and the places where the connection lines intersect. The object of the game is to create "mills" and remove your opponent's pieces from the board until he has 2 pieces left or is unable to make any moves. A "mill" is 3 of the same player's pieces laid in a row with no vacant points between them. Each time a player moves one of her pieces so that he creates a new mill, she can remove one of her opponent's pieces. Pieces that line up diagonally or without being connected by a line do not count.

To begin, determine, however you like, which player gets the first move. That player may place 1 of his pieces on any vacant point. then the other player places 1 piece. they take turns placing pieces until all 9 pieces have been placed on the board. While the players put down 9 pieces, each one should be trying to create a mill and/or prevent the other player from creating one. Once all the remaining pieces (not counting any lost because the opponent created a mill) have been placed on the board, the second part of the game is for the players to continue taking turns moving 1 of their pieces to an adjacent vacant point on the board. A player may not jump over her own or another player's piece and moves must be made along the lines only. A piece cannot jump across spaces. A player who has made a mill may not take a piece from one of his opponent's mills unless there are no other pieces to take. A new mill may be formed by a player moving one of their pieces from an existing mill (so it's no longer a mill) in one turn and moving it back into the same place to recreate the mill on her next turn (provided the other player doesn't block the space in the meantime).

STICKS (a.k.a. Quarterstaff)

This arcade sequence is pretty similar to the battle with the Saracen at the end of Conquests of Camelot. You have 4 offensive moves (strikes) and 4 defensive moves (parries, ducking and jumping)

Offensive moves
- Overhead great blow: this move brings your staff down from high overhead. This is your most powerful blow, but it also leaves your guard wide open for a counterattack.
- Head strike: Strikes at your foe's head
- Body strike: Strikes at your foe's mid-torso
- Leg strike: Strikes at your foe's lower legs.

Defensive moves:
- Overhead great blow parry: Parries with staff above the head to stop your foe's most powerful overhead attack.
- Ducking head: Causes you to duck beneath your foe's strike at your head.
- Body parry: Parries with staff an attack at your mid-torso.
- Jumping up: Causes you to jump up and avoid your foe's attempt to strike your legs.

Mouse Keyboard Joystick
Overhead great blow Click above foe's head Numpad 8 Up
Head strike Click on your foe's head Numpad 9 Up-right
Body strike Click on your foe's body Numpad 6 Right
Leg strike Click on your foe's knees Numpad 3 Down-right
Overhead great blow parry Click above Robin's head Numpad 2 Down
Ducking head Click on Robin's head Numpad 7 Up-left
Body parry Click on Robin's body Numpad 4 Left
Jumping up Click below Robin's knees Numpad 1 Down-left