Level 1: Gold Medal time: 0.38

There shouldn't be any problems here really, easy level and the only part you can lose a few seconds on is if you mess up pushing the boxes. If you don't manage to beat the Gold Medal time then just try again, if you unlock the Silver or Gold Medal time you will unlock the Speedroller Rookie achievement.

Level 2: Gold Medal time: 1.24

Be sure to take the shortcut just after you roll over the cloth with the marble ball, line your camera up so you see if you are in line and then just slowly roll of the ledge. Also this a hidden path which will give you 1 of the 3 hidden paths towards the Spyglass achievement.

Level 3: Gold Medal time: 1.11

A pretty simple level. After completing this level regardless of how much time you take, you will unlock the Marbleball Badge achievement.

Level 4: Gold Medal time: 1.33

There is a hidden path you can use but it doesn't save you that much time. After crossing the gap with the loose boards, instead of rolling through the cloth with the metal ball, roll back along the path and break through the loose planks and land on the rails and carry on to the end. Now you will have 2 out of 3 hidden paths unlock towards the Spyglass achievement.

Level 5: Gold Medal time: 1.34

Easy level without hidden paths or shortcuts, just comes down to how smooth you roll. PC and Arcade version are the same for this level.

Level 6: Gold Medal time: 1.32

At 8.20 in the video you will see that he uses a barrel to keep the platform tilted, but for us there is no barrel to be seen! So transform into the Metal ball and push the wooden boxes underneath the platform making sure you keep one of the boxes on top of the rest otherwise there wont be enough height to roll over the platform and make it to the other side. Once you make it over carry on over the wobbly platforms to the finish.