Scarface: Money. Power. Respect.



Single Player

In single player, you can choose to start or restore the Movie Scenarios or the Cartel Challenge.

When selecting Movie Scenarios, the game will ask to start a new or continue a saved game. If you start a new game, the chainsaw scene of the movie will ensue. You will then be asked if you'd like to play or skip the tutorial. If you play for the first time, it is highly recommended to play it in order to familiarize yourself with the game play. In Movie Scenarios, you'll follow a story more or less in line with the 1983 Scarface movie, where each scenario has a main and secondary objectives. While secondary objectives do not need to be fulfilled to complete the scenario, they earn you some extra money. Each scenario starts and ends with a movie clip which becomes unlocked in the Movie Scenes menu as you progress through the story line. There are a total of XX scenarios in the Movie Scenarios mode. Once you've completed them all, Tony Montana becomes available as a playable character in Multi-player mode.

When selecting Cartel Challenge, the game will ask to start a new or continue a saved game. When starting a new game, you will be asked to select a cartel to represent. Although eight cartel characters are available, you can at first only play as Manny Ribera's cartel. Other characters become unlocked one by one (from the bottom to the top of the list) when you successfully complete three cartel challenges with each cartel. Notice that each cartel character has different stats with regard to efficiency is weapon use, influence on the authorities and drug dealing.

The three cartel challenges are:
- RACE TO A FORTUNE: The first player to earn 15 million wins the game
- DRUG WAR: the player with the highest wealth at the end of six rounds, wins the game
- FIGHT TO THE FINISH: destroy all other cartels and take over Miami. The last player left on the map wins the game.

Each time you complete all three cartel challenges with a certain cartel, a wallpaper is unlocked and the next cartel becomes available for you to play as.


Select this option in the main menu to play against other human opponents. The game will first ask whether you would like to host a game or join an existing game. When hosting a game, you then need to select which game mode you would like to play - these are the same as the cartel challenges in single player mode: Race to a Fortune, Drug War, or Fight to the Finish. In addition you can alter some of the game settings:
- Timer: time given to each player to complete their turn
- Winning wealth (Race to a Fortune mode only): the required amount to reach to win the game
- Number of rounds (Drug War mode only): the number of rounds after which the winner with most wealth is declared
- Alliances: set to breakable or unbreakable (default)
- Starting money (Drug War and Fight to the Finish modes only)

Movie Scenes

Select this option in the main menu to watch all unlocked movies from the Movie Scenarios levels (again). Movies that you have not yet seen in the Single Player Movie Scenarios are locked until you have successfully played through those scenarios.


Select this option in the main menu to view the game credits.


Select this option in the main menu to restore your game from the PSP memory stick.


While playing the game, you can pause to access the in-game pause menu, where you can quit the game, continue the game, view the goals again (Movie Scenarios only) or enable/disable auto-save.