Half-Life: Blue Shift

Easter eggs

Easter Eggs in Half-Life: Blue Shift

Egg id: 366

Gordon Freeman on the tram

At the start of the game, when getting off the tram and waiting for the guard to open the door from the inside, another tram approaches. As it passes, you see Gordon Freeman, the protagonist of Half-Life, on it. In fact in the original Half-Life (released 3 years before Blue Shift), as you (as Gordon Freeman) are entering Black Mesa with the tram, you also pass Calhoun banging on the closed door.

Calhoun seeing Gordon Freeman (Half-Life: Blue Shift)

Gordon Freeman seeing Calhoun (Half-Life)


Egg id: 367

Familiar names on the lockers

As in the original Half-Life, the lockers in the locker room have multiple names of people who worked on the game. Namely Doug Lombardi (Valve), Jim Veevaert (VP Marketing Sierra Studios), J. Mark Hood (Senior Vice President Sierra Studios) and Jeff Pobst (Senior Producer Sierra Studios).

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Egg id: 368

Calhoun's locker

In Calhoun's locker there are a few pictures which are likely employees of Gearbox software or relatives. There are also two books, titled "The Truth About Aliens" and "Government Conspiracies" although, unlike the novels found in Gordon Freeman's locker in the original Half-Life, these novels were not written by Marc Laidlaw.

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Egg id: 369

Egg man

Enter the open toilet at the personel facilities (beyond the lockers), and jump up and down on the toilet to see some kind of picture on the inside of the door of the next stall, which is locked. Using the noclip cheat to enter the locked stall, you see a picture of a man who appears to have eggs in his eyes.

This picture appears once more in the game, namely after taking the elevator ride to the old prototype lab. Climb up on the pipe that lays slanted in the corridor and use the flashlight in the exposed opening to see him again.

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Egg id: 370

Gordon Freeman and the dancing scientist

Another cameo of Gordon Freeman. Check out the cameras in the video surveillance room. One of them will show Gordon heading for the Anomalous Materials lab. Check the camera several more times and one of the scientists will perform a little dance.

Calhoun seeing Gordon Freeman on the video surveillance system (Half-Life: Blue Shift)

Calhoun seeing the dancing scientist on the video surveillance system (Half-Life: Blue Shift)

Again, this is taken directly from the original Half-Life, including the scientists that have a chat.

Gordon Freeman passing the scientists in the same room (Half-Life)


Egg id: 371

Gina Cross delivering the specimen

Check out the cameras in the video surveillance room. One of them will show Gina Cross (Half-Life: Decay and the Hologram in the Half-Life training room) bringing the specimen to the Anomalous Materials Lab.


Egg id: 372

Chumtoad in a box

Collect the pistol and all bullets in the shooting range without using any of them, so you have 17 + 51 bullets. Shoot all bullets at the box in Barney Calhoun's locker and a Chumtoad appears.

The Chumtoad is a toad-like creature from Xen, originally cut from Half-Life, but later resurrected in Opposing Force and Blue Shift. Being harmless and the lowest on the Xen food chain, it was intended to be thrown as a way of distracting other Xen creatures who love to eat the little hoppers. However they appear rarely and are extremely hard to find and also cannot be picked up by the player. Due to its elusiveness and meaningless appearance, the sighting of a Chumtoad is considered an Easter Egg.

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Egg id: 373

Chumtoads Lair

The Chumtoad makes another appearance. In fact there's a nesy of three Chumtoads. On Xen, the player passes through a large cavern with an extremely deep pool at its center. At the very bottom of this pool, behind a boulder, a small crack in the wall of the cave can be seen emitting bubbles of air. After widening this hole, the player can enter a small air pocket in a cave where the title "Chumtoad's Lair" appears on the screen. In the lair, three Chumtoads sit amongst Xen plants and Snark nests, illuminated by Xen crystals. The creatures later vanish when approached. Save before trying to get there as you'll nearly drown doing so.

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Egg id: 374

Gordon Freeman captured

One final appearance by Gordon Freeman occurs at the very end of the game. When Barney Calhoun teleports outside the Black Mesa Facility, he shortly is wrongly teleported to Xen and then to a room where he sees the captured Gordon Freeman being dragged away by grunts.