Sierra's Sneak Peeks 2


Main menu

From the main menu, you can select a category and then, within the category, select one of the games. Each game has one or more of the following options:
- Movie: see a trailer of the game
- Interview: watch an interview with the designer of the game.
- Intro: view the intro of the game
- Features: view a slideshow of screens and hear the features of the game.
- Demo: play a demo of the game.
- Order: order the game (no longer applicable)

You can also view the Sierra catalog, which features even more titles, but doesn't offer the extra goodies of the Sneak Peek titles. You can however directly access the game pages on the Sierra Chest, where many of the titles are covered in detail and therefore also have trailers, demos and much more available.

King's Quest VII (movie, intro, features)
Leisure Suit Larry 6 (movie, features, interview)
Space Quest 6 (movie, features, demo)
Phantasmagoria (movie, features, interview)
Freddy Pharkas (demo, features)
Police Quest IV (movie, features)
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (movie, features, interview)

Earthsiege (movie, features)
Aces of the Deep (movie, features, Ace interviews)
Red Baron/A10 (Baron features, A-10 features, Interview)
Aces of the Pacific/1946 (movie, features)

Outpost (movie, features, interview)
Alien Legacy (movie, features)
Battle Bugs (features)

The Incredible Machine 2 (movie, features, interview)
Incredible Toon Machine (demo, features)
Spelling Blizzard (demo)
Beginning Reading (demo)
Kid's Typing (demo)
Early Math (demo)
Spelling Jungle (demo)

FPS Football Pro '95 (movie, features)
FPS Baseball '94 (movie, features, interview)

Lode Runner (demo, movie, features)
Battle Drome (movie, features)