Field & Stream: Trophy Hunting 5


Hunter Sign In

After starting the game, the Hunter Sign In screen appears. This screen allows you to enter a new hunter or select an existing hunter. This Hunter Name is used in both single and multiplayer games (note: multiplayer is no longer supported). Your hunter rating and trophies will also be displayed under this name. A new name can be used at any time, but you will be starting over with a new hunter rating.

The Main Menu

The Main Menu screen displays your major gaming options.

HUNT NOW: Drop into a random location with some gear and a rifle and start hunting. Select this hunt when you're just looking to get in the game and hunt right away.

SINGLE PLAYER: Choose this option if you will be hunting alone. Single player will allow you to choose from a hunting trip, a hunting challenge, or the shooting range. (See single player hunts section below).

ONLINE HUNT: Join any online game and start hunting. Find that big trophy for a listing on the Field & Stream Trophy Hunting 5 online high scores list. (Note: the online play mode is no longer supported)

TROPHY ROOM: View the trophies from successful single player hunts.

MORE INFO: Click here to find more information about Field & Stream Trophy Hunting 5. Look here for hunting tips, and the online manual.

OPTIONS: Click here to change certain game options. See the Game Options section below for more information.

EXIT: Click on the Exit button if you wish to exit the game at this time. You are immediately returned to your computer's desktop.


Many aspects of Trophy Hunting 5 can be customized. The Options screen allows you to make changes to sound, graphics, and game options. When you have finished making your selections, click Accept to record the changes. Click the Default button if you are not happy with changes you have made and wish to revert back to the original game settings. Choose Cancel to return to the previous screen without saving any changes.

Sound: Set the volume on the various sound components using the slider bars provided. Moving the slider bar all the way to the left turns off the sound.

Display Device: The Display Device button allows you to select the video card you wish to use to display the game if you have multiple video cards.

Screen Resolution: The game will find and try to turn the game in the best screen resolution for your system. If you wish to change the screen resolution, click the button to roll through all available screen resolutions. Note that changing the screen resolution can make a noticeable difference in the speed of the game.

Detail Level: The optimum detail level will automatically be chosen by the game. To make a change, click the Detail Level button to roll through the available options. Note that changing the detail level can have a noticeable effect on the speed of the game.

Advanced Options: Click the Advanced button in the options screen to access the advanced options screen.

Mouse Sensitivity: Use this to slow the responsiveness of the mouse while playing the simulation. Note this will not have any effect on your mouse settings outside the game.

Mouse Reverse: Change the Mouse Reverse button to YES to reverse the Look Up, and Look Down control on the mouse.

Advanced options

The advanced settings allow you to personalize how the game looks on the computer. When the game loads, it will preset the settings to be optimal for your system. Note that making changes to the advanced settings can have a noticeable effect on the speed of the game.

Game Controls

Field & Stream Trophy Hunting 5 is played with the keyboard and mouse. The following table shows the keyboard and mouse controls used in the game.

Action Control Key


Walk Forward W or UP arrow
Walk Backward S or DOWN arrow
Step Left A or LEFT arrow
Step Right D or RIGHT arrow
Sneak 1
Normal Walk 2
Fast Walk 3
Look Right Mouse or Numpad 6
Look Left Mouse or Numpad 4
Look Up Mouse or Numpad 8
Look Down Mouse or Numpad 2
Crouch Page Down
Stand Page Up


Toggle Weapon up/down Right Mouse Button
Fire Weapon Left Mouse Button (when weapon is up)
Steady shot Hold H while shooting


Toggle Freelook/Mouse Pointer Space Bar
Use Item Left Mouse Button (while mouse pointer is on the screen)


Use Binoculars B (or select the binoculars with the mouse pointer)
Pause Game P
Options Menu Esc
Toggle GPS Up/Down G
Cycle GPS Modes F (only available in certain difficulty modes)
Cycle Species GPS , and .
Print Current Screen Alt + P
Toggle sight-in HUD V
Add waypoints (GPS) X
Lock animal AI status L
Weapon Edit (shooting range) Z
Weather Edit (shooting range R
Inventory Hot Keys Keyboard F1 through F6

MULTI-PLAYER (no longer supported)

Talk to Other Players Enter
Bring up Chat Window C
Change Chat Window Size Alt + C

Playing the game

Now that you have looked over the control for the game, let's take a look at the game screen you will be looking at while playing the game.

(insert screenshot with GPS here)


To bring up the GPS, you can first hit the space bar to bring up the mouse cursor, then click on the GPS icon at the upper left side of the screen, or you can toggle the GPS up and down with the "G" key.

The GPS has several modes that can be changed by clicking on the Mode button. Each mode will offer different information about the player, and the animals being hunted. Note that some GPS modes will not be available at the higher difficulty levels. Read below to get more information about the modes available on the GPS and how they function.


Compass: This compass moves with you, and always shows you exactly which direction you are facing. the red line at the top of the compass is you, so if the red line is on the E you are facing east.

Time: this shows you the exact time on this hunting day. Keep an eye on this time, because all hunting days end at 6pm, and you don't want to be tracking an animal when the hunt ends.

Temperature: this will show you the current temperature in this hunt.

Wind direction: This is a text version of the wind direction. you may also view the wind direction on the compass by looking at the blue (Wind Direction) triangle around the outside of the compass. This Wind direction Triangle will show you where the wind is coming from in relation to the direction you are facing. If you are heading east, and the wind Direction Triangle is over the E then you are headed directly into the wind. If however, the Wind Direction triangle is on the W then you are moving with the wind, and most likely letting every animal for several hundred yards know you are coming.

Coordinates: The coordinates in Field & Stream Trophy Hunting 5 are there to help you navigate our hunting areas and do not correspond to anything in real life. Your map location is displayed on the GPS, in the center of the compass.

Game: This will show you the species of the animal being hunted in the game.

Game Finder

When playing the game at the easy or medium setting, the GPS can also be set up to provide you with an Animal Finder. The Game Finder is a very useful tool that is built into the GPS unit in the game. It can be brought up by hitting the "F" key while the GPS unit is active on the screen. Once the Game Finder unit is activated, the hunter will show up as a blue dot in the center of the grid, with animals showing up as colored dots around the hunter. The "easy" setting allows unlimited use of the Game Finder, whereas in "Medium" you have only three uses before the Game Finder is disabled. there is no Game Finder in the "Hard" setting. The Game Finder can be cycled to different species by using the comma (,) and dot (.) keys.