Jawbreaker II


A trip to the candy shop was never so exciting - nor so dangerous! While you're gobbling up treats, a swarm of happy faces is trying to catch you to pull those teeth. Be quick, and move from side-to-side and up and down through the continuously moving doors to avoid the grinning gobblers. Your only defense is to eat an energizer and go after the happy faces. You only have a few seconds after eating the energizer, so hurry! Once you clear the screen of treats, you'll get your teeth cleaned before beginning the next level.

ROM cartridge

1. To begin, remove all cartridges from the computer.
2. Insert your JAWBREAKER II ROM cartridge into the center slot in the Atari 400, and into the left slot in the Atari 800.
3. Turn on the power to the computer.
4. Press any key to start.


1. To begin, take all cartridges out of the computer.
2. Insert your JAWBREAKER II cassette into the recorder and press the PLAY button.
3. At the same time, press the START key on the computer and turn on the power.
4. When the machine signals (1 beep), press the RETURN key. The machine is now loading and takes three to five minutes.
5. Press any key to start.

Disk drives

Turn on the disk drive. After the top light goes out, insert the game disk into the drive (label side up with your thumb on the label). Turn on the computer. When the banner (title) page appears, press START to select controls.


Jawbreaker II can be controlled from the keyboard or joystick. To place the arrow in front of the control you prefer, press OPTION (to select controls) and press START.


Keyboard users will be asked to select which keys they want for up, down, left, right and stop. The computer will then ask if the selections are the ones you want: type Y (Yes and the game starts immediately) or N (No and you can choose your keys again).

During the game, pressing "up" or "down" will lock that action into the computer's memory. It will be performed at the next door leading in that direction. the only way to cancel "up" or "down" is to press your "stop" key.


small dot - 5 points
Energizer - 20 points
Special treats - 200 points each
Faces - 100 points (1st), 200 points (2nd), 400 points (3rd) and 800 points (4th)
You'll receive an extra set of teeth every 10,000 points.

special commands

ESC - Pauses game; press any key to continue
CTRL-R or START - Restarts game
CTRL-I - To select controls
CTRL-L - Sets starting level, 0-9. Level 0 is a "teddy bear" level especially for young children. then press START to motivate.