To begin your game press space bar.

"A" to move up
"Z" to move down
Left arrow to move left
Right arrow to move right
...or use joystick control.

How to play Jawbreaker

Your player are the jaws. Guide it through the maze, eating purple dots and running from the smileys. If you eat a white square (energizer), the smileys will turn into a orange sad faces for a short period of time. During this time, you can eat them. (Though the manual states that, after being eaten, they turn back into a smileys, in reality this is not case.) When the remaining sad faces start to blink it means that very soon they all will be smileys again.

From time to time a sugar cane, lolly, heart or maybe even a Sailing Boat (Note: after countless plays of the Apple II release, I have yet to see this boat) will appear in the maze. these taste very good. so if you can eat them without running into smileys, you should. If at any time in the game, a smiley should get your player, its teeth will fall out. You only have three players. If all three lose their teeth, the game is over. To win the game, eat all the dots and energizers out of the maze (stopping to eat the cane, lolly, heart and of course sad faces). After you've eaten through the maze, it's time for some quick hygiene and the teeth will be brushed. We have to keep the teeth strong and clean because in the next maze, the smileys are quicker and they don't stay sad faces as long. Enjoy the game!

Point system

Purple dot 10 points
Energizer 50 points
Lolly 100 points
Heart 200 points
Cane 300 points
Sailing boat 500 points
Sad faces 200 (for 1), 400 (for the second), 600 (for the third) or 800 (for the fourth and above) points.