Kid's Typing

Tech support

Original game requirements

Macintosh systems

To run Kid's Typing , your Macintosh system should include:

- Color Macintosh system
- 4 MB system memory
- System 6.0.7 or higher
- 16 MB free disk space (11.5 MB after installation)
- Eight-bit color monitor

Windows systems

To run Kid's Typing , your Windows system should include:

- IBM AT bus-compatible system
- 386SX/20 MHz or greater CPU
- Hard drive, 14 MB free disk space (11.5 MB after installation)
- 4 MB system memory
- VGA display and video board capable of displaying 256 colors @ 640x480
- Sound card that supports Windows 3.1
- Audio speaker or headphones
- Microsoft compatible mouse
- Windows 3.1 or better installed
- Sound card driver that supports Windows 3.1
- VGA driver that supports 256 colors @ 640x480 under Windows 3.1

Error message says: "This program works best with 256 colors"

On your Macintosh system, go to the control panel and double-click on "Monitors" and select 256 colors.

On your Windows system, you need to install a 256 color driver for your video card. If you are playing Kid's Typing under Windows 3x under DOSBox and have a higher color driver selected, then select a 256 color and restart Windows for the changes to take effect.

Error says: "This program requires a (synchronous) sound card"

You need to install a Windows 3.1 compatible sound card and driver, or the program does not support the internal speaker sound driver or any sound driver that does not support synchronized sound.

Running Kid's Typing on modern operating systems

We could run Kid's Typing both 1) under Windows 3.1 under DOSBox and 2) under Windows XP itself. If you managed to run it under different operating systems, then please contact us and let us know so we can update this page with the information.