Control of your ship

I will move the laser ship UP.
J will move the laser ship LEFT.
K will move the laser ship DOWN.
L will move the laser ship RIGHT.
SPACE will stop your ship.

Firing missiles

E will fire missiles UP.
S will fire missiles LEFT.
D will fire missiles DOWN.
F will fire missiles RIGHT.

At the beginning of each ship you will be given 35 missiles. When you are down to your last 10 missiles, you will be alerted by a clicking sound. To reload, run over a . For each screen you clear, you will receive 5 less missiles per ship, until you reach the minimum of 15 missiles.

About your mission

Extra ships
Every five thousand points you will receive an extra ship.

Extra points
Every twelve missiles a will appear on screen. To receive extra points, run your ship over this shape. You have six shots to run over the shape before it disappears. Points start at 100, then go on to 200, 400 and 800 points.


Each enemy needs to be shot four times. Each time it gets shot, it returns to its initial position, assuming another shape. When it is hit the fourth time, the enemy is gone for good.

10 points
20 points
40 points
80 points

Other controls

CTRL-S enables or disables the sound
ESC pauses the game