As you begin the game, you are faced with a decision to drop down to a lower levels or stay high above. The truth is, other than a more relaxed pace and the opportunity to reclaim any energy from Baffins that you might have lost, there is little to gain from taking the lower paths. You can't raise your Max Energy, so you might as well stay above.

Either way that you go, you will be faced with a swarm of Tribars before you encounter your first Energon Fence, which you must destroy before continuing.

Once you pass the fence, the lower path provides you with the first opportunity to raise your Max Energy by defeating the two stationary Centibeets. You'll have to do it as a jet though because you can't fit through the gap any other way. The higher paths involve stronger Tribars and more Baffins to collect energy from.

You have to make your way to the lowest path and kill two Baffins for energy before entering an open area. There are two swarms of Red Tribars that are easily dispatched as long as you don't rush forward. If you move too far too fast, you will become surrounded by the Tribars, and lose massive amounts of energy, so proceed with caution.

Beyond the open area is an area with a few tougher Black Tribars. Deal with them carefully. There are six valuable Centibeets on the other side of the wall from where you are, and they are blocked by an Electron Fence. There are two ways of removing the fence. Either shoot it from the left by taking the passage that winds beneath the Centibeets, or fly up to them and shoot the fence by transforming back to a robot, fire while you fall, transform back to a jet, fly back up and repeat. Either way, don't leave without killing the Centibeets.

The final section of the map can be tricky as the four Golans there will quickly swarm around you. Destroy them as fast as you can. If you haven't used your shield, don't worry about the energy you lose, you will get most of it back as part of the no-shield bonus. There is a hidden enemy, an Eye in the upper right corner of the wall. You can shoot at it to release it, then drop below it and jump up to shoot at it for extra Max Energy. It will take a long time to destroy, but it's worth the effort.

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