Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh


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A patient in the mental clinic
The rat woman
A patient in the mental clinic
Kicking away the ball
The patient wants her ball back
The rat woman frees Curtis
Dr. Marek catches Curtis
Curtis gets "treated"
Curtis wakes up
Tom tells the staff to go home
Tom tells Curtis to rest
Trevor tells the potato-bunny story
Second session with Dr. Harbur
Curtis' mom
What will she do this time?
Dr. Harburg
Curtis' mom holding a knife
Curtis reads his dad's letter
Warner slapped Curtis' dad
Young Curtis sees his dead father
Curtis' dad was shot
Curtis realizes his dad was murdered
Dr. Harbur records her conclusion
Curtis' door is unlocked
Someone is in Curtis' apartment
Therese broke into Curtis' apartment
Close to a fight
Chatting with a patron
Curtis leaves the Borderline
Therese has a plan for Curtis
Curtis is tied up on chains
Therese loves S&M
"Be quiet, slave!"
Therese threatens to put the mask on Curtis
Curtis' dad in the background
Kissy from daddy
Therese whips Curtis
Tom writes a complaint about Warner to the Wyntec board
Tom's monitor drops dead
Tom crawls under his desk to check the cables
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