Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh

Tech support

Original game requirements:

- MS-DOS 5.0 or Windows 3.1 or greater
- 486/25 minimum
- 2x CD-ROM
- 8 MB RAM
- 5 MB Hard drive space
- SVGA 256 colors
- SoundBlaster & 100% compatibles, Pro Aud Spectrum, Roland MT-32 or General MIDI
- Mouse

XP/Vista installer

This installer of Phantasmagoria 2 for Windows XP/Vista is designed by SquirtTheCat.

Modified for Windows XP/Vista

- XP/Vista installer.
- XP/Vista windows executable.
- Scales to use entire screen (Direct3D bilinear interpolation).
- Eliminates black lines in cut-scenes.
- Per-user save games (Vista friendly).
- Fixes exceptions and script errors under XP/Vista.


- Windows XP or Vista.
- DirectX 9c (Direct3D).
- Phantasmagoria 2 CD set (not included): English, French or German


English install (4.26MB)
French nstall (4.55MB)
German install (4.68MB)

Changes to the original game

XP/Vista Installer
- New installer created to be XP/Vista friendly.
- The installer will install the files normally included by a Sierra minimum install.
- The Sierra P2FIX update files are included and installed (English version only).

XP/Vista Executable
- Modified version of the original Sierra Windows 95 executable.
- Fixes SP alignment bugs causing script errors under XP/Vista.
- Eliminate black lines in cut-scenes.
- Use hardware support for mouse cursor.
- Upscale to full screen resolution while maintaining aspect ratio.
- Dirext3D hardware accelerated bilinear interpolation.
- On a widescreen monitor black bars are added left/right to maintain correct aspect ratio.
- Store save games per user to work under Vista. Default APPDATA locations:
* XP: C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Sierra\Phantasmagoria 2
* Vista: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Sierra\Phantasmagoria 2

Common problems
- Error: "Could not find 999.pal resource": The game cannot find the CD
* either the wrong CD has been inserted or the CDROM drive location in RESOURCE.WIN is incorrect. Edit RESOURCE.WIN or reinstall and select the correct CDROM drive location.

- Mouse cursor is a large black box:
* 1) Download and install the latest Windows drivers for the video card.
* 2) Check that the color-depth is set to 32-bit in the Windows display settings.

Running Phantasmagoria 2 under DOS

Phantasmagoria 2 was released both as a Windows 95 and DOS game. It runs under DOSBox, but unfortunately the videos are interlaced. No automatic DOSBox installer has been made yet, but it can be installed manually in DOSBox.