Phantasmagoria (Roberta Williams')


Main menu

From the main menu, the player can watch the intro of the game, start a new or continue an existing game, leave the game, read the game credits or, in the event the player already completed the game before, review how he completed it.
When starting a new game, the player can type a name (only one which has not been used before), and start the game at any chapter with a basic inventory. When doing so, be advised that you may (and usually do) have to repeat a few actions from previous chapters. It is recommended to start the game from the beginning.

Game toolbar

Phantasmagoria is a point-and-click game. The toolbar looks like this:

The skull on the left side of the toolbar is the "Official Hint Keeper". When the player is hopelessly stuck, the hint keeper will help out and get more specific the more the player asks for help.
The 8 slots in the middle are reserved for the player's inventory. At any point in the game, the player will have at most 8 inventory items. With more than 20 inventory items existing in the game, this means that inventory items will often be disposed off to make room for new ones.
When selecting an inventory item and using it on the game screen, the item will turn red when it can be used on another item.

The double arrow at the middle top is to fast-forward cut scenes. Sometimes, instead of a double arrow, it says "EXIT". This is to exit certain views, such as Adrienne sitting on a chair, or a close-up view of a drawer, and so on.

The closed eye on the right side is to investigate inventory items. While taking a closer look, the player can rotate the inventory item in question. Some inventory items can be manipulated, and changed ito different objects.

The "P" icon in the middle takes the player to another menu:

In this menu, the player can save or restore a game, quit or continue playing, see his game progress, select the video size, hide or unhide graphic scenes and access the advanced options:

In the advanced options, the player can change the brightness, volume, enable or disable titles and movie details.