Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned


Game controls

Camera movement

You can move the camera by clicking and holding the left mouse button and move the mouse around. Pressing SHIFT while moving the mouse forward or backward will change the camera's pitch. Pressing CTRL while moving the mouse forward or backward will change the camera level. Changing the left can also be accomplish by pressing and holding both mouse buttons and moving the mouse. Pressing and holding ALT will increase the camera movement speed. Pressing spacebar will bring the camera to its default level.
Note that it is very handy, particularly in large areas or during events where speed is crucial, to first move the camera to the area where you want the character to go, and then make the character go there. For example, if you see another character, whom you would like to interact with, on the far horizon, then first bring the camera as close to that character as possible, and then click on the character himself to start interaction.

Game icons

When the player left-clicks the mouse button on a person or object, a list of icons appear. Clicking on one of the icons will then trigeer a certain action. Depending on who or what you click these icons may be different. For example clicking on a hotel register will obviously not make the "talk" icon available.

But these are the most common icons:

The leftmost icon, with the magnifying glass, allows the player to examine things a bit closer. Sometimes this may trigger a very detailed view which would otherwise not be visible.
The look icon, with the eye, will make the player observe something and give a comment on it, but does not magnify or change the view.
The third icon is to pick up objects. In the inventory screen, using this icon on an inventory item selects it.
The talk icon, with the text balloon, is to... well... talk with somebody. If the balloon is empty, it usually (not always) means that Gabriel has nothing usefull to say. Never hurts trying it though. When the balloon does have a question mark in it, clicking on it will reveal a new row of icons, representing a range of different topics to talk about. It is usually the best to exhaust them all.
The second icon from the right is the inventory icon. The current inventory item is pictured in it. Use this icon on a person or object to use the inventory item on it.
The icon on the far right is the cancel icon. However this icon is pretty useless since left-clicking outside the icon bar will cancel it also.

Control Panel

Right-clicking anywhere on the screen will reveal the control panel.

On the top the player can see his current score, selected inventory item, and the current day and timeblock.

Clicking the bag icon will open the inventory screen. The hotkey to immediately enter the inventory screen is "I".
The hint icon is not always available, but is mostly used to solve the puzzles of the Serpent Rouge.
Clicking the camera icon will reveal a new toolbar with pictures of different camera angles. Clicking on one of the pictures will move the camera into that position, but you never really use that.
The icon with the cutting board is to enable or disable cinematics. It is recommended to leave them enabled as cutscenes often hold important clues and are simply fun to watch.
The question mark icon opens up the help screen, which can also be instantly accessed by pressing either F1 or "H".
The tool icon provides access to the sound options, video options and game options. Files can be saved or restored here, volume can be set, subtitles enabled and so on.