Red Baron

Making of

Damon Slye Directed and Designed by
Paul Bowman Lead Programmer
Dave McClurg Shell Programmed by
Lincoln Hutton Additional Simulation Programming and Mission Recorder by
Damon Slye Flight Model Programmed by
Piotr (Peter) Lukaszuk Technical Assistance
Nels Bruckner Historical Missions
Mark Peasley Art Director
Cyrus Kanga 3D Graphic Artist
Sher Alltucker Casting and Costuming by
Randy Dersham Director of Image Production
Mark Peasley Off-line Maps by
Damon Mitchell 16-color artwork by
Alan McKean Audio Director
Christopher Stevens Sounds Effects and Music Editing by
Cayanie Music Musical Score by
John Bruning Historical Research by
Arlon Harris Research Consultants
Neal O'Connor Research Consultants
Peter Grosz Research Consultants
Jerry Luttrell Manual: Managing Editor and Designer
Kevin Miller Manual: Historical Overview Written by
John Bruning Manual: Historical Overview Written by
John Bruning Manual: Reference Sections Written by
Tim Cushing Manual: Reference Sections Written by
Neal O'Connor Manual: Medals and Awards Section Written by
Jerry Luttrell Manual: Control Section Written by
Mark Peasley Manual: Format Designed by
Jerry Luttrell Manual: Layout by
Arran Riddle Manual: Layout by
Sher Alltucker Manual: Photo Selections by
Jarrett Jester Manual: Illustrations by
Raymond Rimell Manual: Color Illustrations by