Silver Lining (The)


The Land of the Green Isles
The entrance hall of the Castle of the Crown
The wedding ceremony
Rosella and Edgar at their happiest moment
The wizard puts a spell on Alexander
The wizard puts a spell on Rosella
Rosella passes out in the arms of Edgar
People of the castle discuss the horrible events
Graham kisses Valanice goodbye
King Graham leaves on a new quest
The upper hallway of the castle
Graham's and Valanice's room in the castle
Graham pictures Rosella in the mirror
The balcony of Graham's and Valanice's room
Ready to journey once more
Painting of Cassima's parents
Talking with Edgar's parents in the courtyard
The hallway towards the courtyard
Leaving the Castle of the Crown
Lightning strikes a tree, blocking the way to the beach
Singsing has been busy
The village seems dead and lightning incinerates the banner
A strange person transforms himself to a cloaked man
A new lighthouse has been built.
But I NEED your boat
Graham is a better swimmer than Alexander is.
The Winged Ones have built a large staircase since Alexander's visit
Winged guards are awaiting Graham
What's the use of wings if you sit in the same chair for 18 years?
Graham is taken to the Oracle
The Oracle
Graham arrives at the Isle of Mists
"We RESPECT Mother Nature! Oh... and don't mind the dead leopard on my head."
This is not a normal storm
Some one is watching you
Graham's dream
Graham's dream
Graham's dream
Graham's dream
Graham's dream