Silver Lining (The)

Easter eggs

Easter Eggs in Silver Lining (The)

Egg id: 31

Est-ce que vous parlez francais?

Ever bother to wait for a while near the guard dogs (both those inside the castle as the ones at the entrance)? They'll start chatting with each other. One of the guard dogs at the entrance even speaks French. For those who do not speak French, text balloons are added.

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Egg id: 286

Look at the Bonsai tree near the dock on the Isle of the Crown to get a reference to the Japanese video gaming market.

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Egg id: 287

In the Garden of Wonder, look at the chair to get a reference to Roberta Williams (creator of the King's Quest series)

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Egg id: 288

The Four Winds bulletin board on the market square displays pages which are from the actual publication by Phoenix Online.

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Egg id: 284


The members of the Phoenix Online official forums are well aware of this cruel smiley as it is often used by the TSL team to tease their members for not revealing information about the still-to-be-released episodes. Now the suffer-smiley even made its way into the game itself! It is found by using the padlock of the gate to Chessboard Land on the padlock of the blacksmith on the market square on the Isle of the Crown.

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Egg id: 285

There are 2 references to Gabriel Knight in episode 2 of TSL. One you find by talking to Black Widow at the Four Winds, the other you hear by looking at the exit door from inside Ali's bookstore.

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Egg id: 283

"You know what? I QUIT!"

When Graham tries to pick up water with his bare hands at the coast of the Isle of Wonder, the narrator starts mocking him, then the TSL team joins in. Graham gets so tired of being mocked at, he resigns... sort of.

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