Red Baron Arcade


Take to the skies of the Great War in your trusty tri-plane and rise through the ranks to ultimately become the Ace in the Red Baron's squadron. Designed to put you right in the action, the Red Baron Arcade gameplay allows you to engage the enemy quickly and enjoy the intensity of battle from the very beginning.

Fight alongside the German forces in World War I in Red Baron Arcade's single player mode, featuring 23 missions, ranging from bombing enemy bases, to protecting zeppelins and intense dogfights, taking down legendary aces of the Allied forces. Fly eight different German planes from the robust Albatros D.III to the fast and deadly Fokker D.VII and edit the colors of your planes to your liking. Discover collectables hidden in the levels and earn medals such as the Artillery Spotting Ace Medal and The Oak Leaves Medal.

Red Baron Arcade also offered a multiplayer mode through GameSpy, allowing to chose German or Allied planes and 3 different multiplayer modes: Death Match, Team Death Match or Capture the Blimp, a capture the flag kind of mode. With its simple controls, Red Baron Arcade is a fun and intuitive game to play for both experienced and beginner pilots.

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