Ween: The Prophecy



Three days before the Great Eclipse, during a heavy storm, your grandfather and chief wizard, Ohkram, knocks on your door. The Kingdom of the Blue Rocks is in danger. Ten years ago, Ohkram banished the evil wizard Kraal. Now Kraal is out for vengeance and wants to reign over the kingdom. Ohkram has become too old to stop Kraal and turns to you, Ween, to find the hourglass of power, Revuss, and fulfill the prophecy to destroy Kraal once and for all. But time is short - if the three grains of sand are not placed in the Revuss within 3 days, Kraal will rule all.

The screen and cursors

The screen is divided into four areas from top to bottom:
- The icon bar appears when the mouse is brought to the top of the screen.
- The central area is where the adventure takes place.
- The dialogue box is where the text appears.
- The bottom line is where the names of objects, places and characters appear.

Moving the arrow cursor on the screen corresponds to "looking at" or "acting upon". It enables you to find:
- exits or directions to go which appears as "swinging door" icons.
- Particular objects, places and characters whose names appear on the bottom line.

The object cursor appears when you pick up or use an item. The parchment cursor appears when there is text to be read. When you have read the text on the screen, left click to bring up the next part of the text or to continue if there is no more text. Right click to skip the text and continue.

How to use objects and the inventory screen

When you left-click the arrow on a usable object, you pick up the object and the cursor becomes an object cursor. The object goes into your inventory when you right-click. The object can be used by left clicking the object cursor on another object, place or character. The message: USE (object) ON (object, place or character) appears on the bottom line. Left click to proceed with the action or right click to abort the action.

The inventory can be opened by right clicking. The object that you currently have in the inventory will be displayed. To use an object on another object in the inventory:

- Take an object in the inventory by left clicking the arrow cursor on the object.
- Bring the object cursor to the icon bar at the top of the screen.
- Left click the object cursor on the INVENTORY icon.
- Left click the object cursor on the desired object.

The icon bar

Seven functions are visible (but only 6 available) by bringing the cursor to the top of the screen and left clicking on the desired icon. Right click to exit a function.

Control Panel

SAVE: Left click on SAVE when you want to save at a point in the game. There are 30 lines on which 30 games can be saved. choose a line by left clicking on the up or down arrow and then left click on the desired line.
LOAD: Left click on LOAD when you want to restore a previously saved game. Choose a line by left clicking on the up or down arrow and then left click on the desired saved game.
QUIT: Left click on QUIT when you want to quit the game.

There are a few "Jokers" available in various places throughout the game that will give you some hints if you are stuck. You are only allowed to use three.


By clicking on this icon, a notebook will appear where you can make notes about certain clues you'd like to write down.


This is another way to open the inventory (in addition to right clicking on the game screen). You will in particular have to use it to combine inventory items with each other, and especially to convert magic items with the copper ball.


Click on the people icon to either call Petroy for advice, or use the flute on Ween to call Urm the bat for assistance.


Strangely this function is not available. It is in some other Coktel Vision games though (such as Lost in Time) and could just be left there without purpose.


FONT: Left click on FONT to select one of four available font types.
MUSIC: Left click on MUSIC to turn the music on or off. An ">" indicates that the music is on.
DATE: Left click on DATE to see the current date (not the game date).