Front Page Sports: Ski Racing


Main menu

The MAIN MENU is displayed when you first launch FPS: Ski Racing. From here you can jump into the action, watch previous runs, configure your game preferences, and access the FPS: Ski Racing website (no longer existing).

Ski Now

If you want to take some runs down the mountain and aren't interested in setting up a Single Mountain or a season competition, click SKI NOW to jump right into the action.

You can ski all mountains and events included with Ski Racing, as well as Train with Picabo, but none of your results or statistics will be recorded. All you need to do is select an Event and a Mountain from the two lists on the left, pick your Ski Conditions, and click SKI. If you want some pointers, click TRAIN WITH PICABO to get audio pro tips while running the course.

Single Player

The Single Player screen allows you to select a skier and proceed to either a Single Mountain event or a Season event. The computer will automatically generate the competitors you ski against.

To set up Single Player:
1. Click on the Skier drop-down list and select a skier.
2. Click SKIER SETUP to define the skier's clothing and equipment, to delete a skier, or to create a new skier.
3. Click STATS to review the Stats of the current skier
4. Click SINGLE MOUNTAIN to setup a single racing event for the current skier.
5. Click SEASON to setup a racing season for the current skier.

Single Mountain

When you are ready to jump in for some quick competition racing, Single Mountain allows you to compete in one or all of the 4 alpine events at a single resort. This requires much less time than skiing all 6 resorts in Season play. You can setup and start single mountain events for the current skier using the Single Mountain screen button which is on both the SINGLE PLAYER and MULTIPLAYER screens.

To setup a Single Mountain event:
1. Click the Event drop-down list and select a race type.
2. Click the Mountain drop-down list and select a skiing location.
3. Set the Ski Conditions by clicking on the Temp, Skies, Wind, Snow and Course Difficulty drop-down lists and select the desired settings.
4. Click EVENT INFO for expert advice on the type of race selected.
5. Click MOUNTAIN INFO to get more information about the current mountain.
6. Click PRACTICE RUN to familiarize yourself with the course and weather conditions.
7. Click SKI to start the race!

Single Player Season

The Season screen allows you to start a new season or continue an existing season for the current skier.

Click the Event drop-down list to select the events your skier will be competing in. If that skier has a season in progress, the season status info is displayed and you can click CONTINUE SEASON. If no season exists for your skier, click START NEW SEASON. Click Cancel to return to the Single Player screen without making changes.

Note: If you want to setup a season for a different skier, you must return to the Single Player Screen and select a new skier.

Season Screen

The SEASON screen is where you set the stage for the next season event. If the season is in progress, you'll see the Skier, Mountain, and Event already listed. Ski Conditions for the event are predetermined and you cannot modify them.

Tip: ski conditions are set randomly - if you don't like the conditions, press cancel to return to the season setup screen and then continue the season for the conditions to reset.

You can always check out the STANDINGS before you begin your run. Or, click SKIER SETUP to better your performance for the given event and ski conditions by changing your skier's equipment. Click PRACTICE RUN to try the course with your selected equipment. After you have all the right equipment and are ready to go, start the race by clicking SKI. Click CANCEL to return to the Season Setup screen.