"EGADS! My plasma - my very life - was ebbing away," I wailed. "Laserize his missiles and aim for the plasma," they shouted. I did, and ZAPPO! His plasma was gone. I thought I was safe. But I was safe only for a while; his plasma came back, and he fought on. Better than before! "Incredible! Am I imagining things?

No, but miraculously, you have been accidentally compuported into a glittering world where life, especially for humans, depends on Plasma fields - the stuff of life. It is inhabited by fighting MICROBOTS who spar constantly until aggressive humans take them over.

The only thing that separates the MICROBOTS is the dazzling wall of moving lights. The five layers of light plates, moving in alternating directions, must be destroyed, one by one, so that the aggressor can attack the MICROBOT on the other side.

All MICROBOTS have special protections. they can elude enemy missiles with lasers that move them from side to side. They have side blinkers that blink when all is well but turn solid white when that side is hit. If it is hit again, it stops blinking, and the laser only works for some time. But, blinkers are healed quickly.

MICROBOTS also have shields and power domes to ward off missiles, but when their guns get a direct hit, they are momentarily disabled; then opponents can reduce - or even DESTROY - the other's Plasma Field. If THAT happens to a MICROBOT, the nasty Microcytes of Death will ZAP him on his power dome, and then he is a goner - HE DISINTEGRATES.

Computer-controlled MICROBOTS don't have to worry about those nasty cytes, but, you are human, and they will always be overhead. if you are unfortuante enough to be ZAPPED by the Microcytes of Death, YOU'LL DISINTEGRATE - and the game is over. So, move quickly, aim carefully and good luck!

To begin play

1. Remove any cartridges from the computer slots.
2.Turn on the disk drive.
3. With the label side up, insert the WALLWAR disk in the disk drive.
4. Turn on your computer and monitor. in a moment, WALLWAR will start up in one of the demo modes. (game: No Humans/Points/Lower Level 15)

How to play Wallwar

Anytime the MICROBOTS are fighting, humans may take them over by pressing START or SELECT. If the game is in one of the demo modes, and you press START, the current game is started over. A human player may take control of the lower MICROBOT by plugging the joystick into the leftmost jack on the front of the computer. if the game is not in demo mode, the game currently playing will start over.

If you press SELECT, a new game may be selected as described below. Both the SELECT and START buttons will stop the demo mode.

How to select a game

Press SELECT for the following game options:
- POINT GAMES: No Humans / One Human
- SPARRING MATCHES: No Humans / One Human / Two Humans

Any level displayed (1-15) may be changed by pressing any key. If more than one is displayed, the one with the back-arrow is afected. Move the pointer by pressing OPTION.

Each level corresponds to the skill level of the nonhuman MICROBOT. when the desired game and level are found, press START to begin playing.

Joystick commands

To use the joystick, at least one human must take over. MICROBOTS are moved by firing the move lasers. the left laser moves the MICROBOT to the right, and the right laser moves it to the left. Firing both lasers at the same time (by pulling the joystick toward you) will stop the MICROBOT. The move lasers can be used to slow missiles fired by the opponent.

you select the type of missile fired by pulling the joystick back for fast missiles or pushing forward for slow-controllable missiles. If you want auto-fire, just keep the fire button depressed. Each player can only have one shot on the screen at a time. The joystick will move a MICROBOT from side to side without the fire button being pressed. Auto-fire is canceled by firing a single missile.