Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood


How to play

Early this morning a blustery wind shook the Hundred Acre Wood. It picked things up and blew them far away from their owners' houses. Your job is to find the lost objects and return them to their owners. But hurry, because soon the blustery wind may come back and scatter the objects again.

Each time you play Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood, you play a different game. That's because each time you have to find a different group of 10 objects. Each object belongs to a particular character, or in a specific place. When you are carrying an object, and you see the character (or place) you think it belongs to, drop the object. If you have found the right owner, he or she will thank you politely. If you have guessed incorrectly, nothing will happen. If you wish, you can pick up the dropped object and continue on.

Each place in the Hundred Acre Wood can only hold one object at a time. You cannot drop an object in an area already containing another object. You can only carry one object at a time. If you are already carrying an object, you can't pick up the other object. Be sure to remember where you dropped the first object, so you can return and pick it up later.

If you find something and can't imagine where it might belong, take it to Owl. If it isn't his, he will give you a helpful clue. Remember, the goal of the game is to return all ten objects to their owners. If you take too long and the blustery wind begins to blow, the objects that you have not yet returned will get mixed up again. That's alright, just keep trying.

Things to watch out for

The Mist: Every now and then, the mist will come in and cover everything with a thick blanket of fog. You won't be able to see anything. Just keep walking, and you'll come out of it soon. But don't be surprized if you're in quite a different place - it's easy to get lost and wander off in the mist!
Tigger: He doesn't mean to cause trouble, but Tigger is very bouncy. He can come upon you almost anywhere, without warning. And when he does, watch out. He'll bounce you to another part of the forest, and make you drop whatever you're carrying.
The Blustery Wind: You should try to find and return all ten objects as quickly as possible, because soon the blustery wind will return and scatter whatever you've not yet returned. Don't be too discouraged when that happens, though. You see, when you have a better idea of what items you're looking for and to whom they belong, you can get through the game faster.


Backspace: Lets you back up and read the words you just saw.
Escape: Returns you to the playroom from any part of the forest to save the game or to use as a step-saver.
CTRL-S: Turns the sound off and on
C: Shows which object (if any) you are carrying, and how many objects you still need to return.

Saving the game

You can save the game before you quit. To do so, go to the playroom (either by going their through the map or simply by pressing Escape), look in the toy box and save the game. The toy box only has one save position, so the old save position will be overwritten when saving. To restore an old game, go to the toy box and select "play my old game".