Donald Duck's Playground



You can help Donald Duck build a playground for Huey, Dewey and Louie. First you will need money to buy parts for the playground; you can earn it at 4 different jobs. Then, you and Donald can visit three shops where you may buy playground equipment. After you pay for your purchases, you may design and modify your playground.

How to play

To begin, select a skill level. In case you play the AGI version, simply walk through the gate with the difficulty preference of your choice. If you play the Commodore 64 version, select the difficulty from the menu. While in the "beginner" level things move slow, Donald will also earn less money. At "intermediate" and "advanced" levels, things will move faster and earn more money, but the prices of the playground items will also be much higher.

AGI release Commodore release

When you arrive on Main Street (which consists of 2 screens in the AGI release and 1 screen in the Commodore 64 release), you can move Donald into one of 7 different buildings or into the park at the end of the street. If you choose any of the four building on the east side of Main Street, you will be hired. Enter the number of minutes you would like to work, then you can begin. These are the available jobs:

The jobs

McDuck Airlines: Your job at McDuck Airlines challenges you to sort packages moving by on a conveyer belt. Each box is marked with a three-letter code, which stands for the airport it is going to. Look at each package as it passes. If its code matches the code on one of the tram cars passing behind Donald, it belongs on the plane now parked on the runway. Pick up the box and throw it into the correct car. After a period of time, the tram will proceed to the runway to unload the cargo into the plane and another tram will appear for Donald to load. You'll be paid for each package you correctly load onto the tram. At higher levels the airport codes will have more letters in common and the conveyer belt will move faster. Per package, Donald will earn $0.03 (beginner), $0.06 (intermediate), or $0.09 (advanced). This job is by far the fastest money-maker of the game.

AGI release Commodore release

The Produce Market: Your job at the produce market challenges you to catch produce thrown off the produce truck, then sort it into one of the three bins which matches the caught produce. At higher levels the produce may fly off the truck faster. Per produce you catch and correctly sort, Donald will earn $0.01 (beginner), $0.02 (intermediate), or $0.03 (advanced).

AGI release Commodore release

The toy store: Your job at the toy store involves placing toys where they belong on the toy store shelves. To put away a toy, first move the ladder just left of the toy that looks exactly like it. Then get the toy, climb the ladder and place the toy on the shelf. However keep an eye on the train schedule, which shows the time remaining until the next train arrival of the Amquack Special. When it passes through town, it causes toys to fall off the shelves and break. To protect them, Donald can activate a barrier which slides in front of the shelves, and keeps the toys from falling. You'll be paid for each toy you put away. At higher skill levels, there are more toys on the shelves to keep track of, and the train will pass by more often. Per toy you place properly, Donald will earn $0.05 (beginner), $0.10 (intermediate), or $0.15 (advanced) and loose the same amount for each toy that topples off the unprotected shelves while the train passes by.

AGI release Commodore release

Amquack Railroad: Your job at the railroad challenges you to operate the junction switches of the Amquack Railroad, guiding the Amquack Special between two towns on a delivery route of your own choosing. Your goal is to pick up a package at one town, and deliver it to another. Find out which town to visit by reading the message at the bottom of the screen. You'll earn money for each package picked up and delivered. At higher levels, you'll have less time to plot your course before the train departs. Per package picked up or delivered, Donald will earn $0.10 as beginner, $0.20 as intermediate ($0.30 on the Commodore), or $0.30 as advanced ($0.45 on the Commodore).

AGI release Commodore release

Getting paid

After you work an entire shift you'll watch as the money you earned is counted out. Each of Donald's stacks holds up to 10 of any coin or bill. If a stack is already full, before another coin or bill can be added, some of the money in the overflowing stack will automatically be changed into the next highest denomination. For example, if there are 9 pennies in the pennies stack and Donald earns 2 more, 5 of the pennies will be changed into one nickel before the last penny can be deposited.

AGI release Commodore release


When you have earned enough money, you can go to one of the three stores on the west side of Main Street, where you may buy parts for the playground. There is Minnie's 5 & 10, Mickey's Hardware Store and Goofey's Junk Shop. Each of them hold 6 different toys (5 in case of the Commodore 64) for the playground. The prices vary according to the difficulty level. The harder the difficulty, the more expensive the items. Since the playground in the AGI release is more elaborate, this release holds a greater variety of items than the Commodore 64 release. Also the prices differ in the Commodore 64 release.

Beginner Intermediate Hard
Minnie's 5 & 10
Parallel bars $0.10 $0.50 $1.50
Tetherball and pole $0.10 $1.01 $1.99
Rings $0.05 $0.35 $1.16
Ladder to rocket ship $0.25 $1.25 $2.95
Swing $0.05 $0.30 $0.93
Rocking horse $0.05 $0.15 $0.57
Mickey's Hardware Store
Somersault bar $0.05 $0.30 $1.07
Trapeze bar $0.05 $0.20 $0.89
Catwalk to rocketslide $0.25 $1.05 $2.99
Hand walking rope $0.10 $0.50 $2.27
Ship's wheel $0.01 $0.15 $0.63
Trampoline $0.10 $0.35 $1.89
Goofy's Junk Shop
Treehouse fireman's pole $0.10 $1.05 $2.17
Slide for fort $0.10 $0.50 $1.98
Tire swing $0.05 $0.20 $0.71
Rope and pulley $0.25 $1.10 $2.68
Ladder to treehouse $0.05 $0.30 $1.24
Old box $0.01 $0.11 $0.38
TOTAL $1.72 $9.37 $28.00
Commodore 64
Minnie's 5 & 10
Toy Horse
Mickey's Hardware Store
Monkey bars
High bar
Goofy's Junk Shop
Ship's wheel
Cargo net
Old box

Minnie's 5 & 10, AGI release Minnie's 5 & 10, Commodore release

Paying for your purchases

A difference between the Commodore 64 and AGI release is that in the AGI release you can only buy one item at a time, while in the Commodore 64 release multiple items can be bought at once. In the Commodore release, after you've selected items for purchase and signalled that you're ready to pay, you'll see the cash register screen. the same occurs in the AGI release after you've selected one item for purchase and head for the counter. You must pay by placing Donald's money on the counter (upper half of the screen). If you count out too much money, the cash register drawer will open so that you can take change out of the drawer. When you've counted out the correct amount of change, it will automatically be deposited in Donald's account. The item(s) will be automatically delivered on the playground.

AGI release Commodore release

At the playground

The playground equipment you purchase will be delivered to the park across the railroad at the end of Main Street. In the AGI release, The playground is much more elaborate in the AGI release, consisting of a treehouse, a fort and a huge rocket. In the Commodore 64 release it consists of just 1 screen. In the Commodore release, if the ladders are not properly placed, donald's nephews will not get to the higher levels of the playground. You can move around the playground items to your desire and then let Donald's nephew play on any of them.

Playground fort, AGI release Entire playground, Commodore release