Mixed-Up Fairy Tales


Starting the game

The first thing the game does is show the Sierra logo, then the title screen animation. After this, if you have played mixed-up Fairy Tales before, you will need to select "Load Saved Game". Choose "New Game" if you want to start the game over from the beginning.

The next screen allows you to choose which character you want to play. With a mouse, highlight the character, then press the left mouse button. With a joystick, highlight your character, then press the joystick button or trigger. Or, with the keyboard, use the arrow keys to highlight your character, then press ENTER.

The following screen allows you to type or enter a name using the mouse, joystick, or arrow keys. If you made a mistake, use the arrow icon or the backspace key to erase the last letter you entered. Use the Space Icon to add any necessary spaces. After you have correctly entered your name, select the Play Icon.

The game starts with the opening cartoon and introduction to the world of Mixed-Up Fairy Tales. You are in a school library, looking around for something to read. As you walk around, a book falls off the shelf and Bookwyrm appears. Bookwyrm invites you to help him, and you both jump into the book. Then you appear at Bookwyrm's house and he explains that all the stories in his book have gotten mixed-up and lost their titles. You need to explore the world and talk to people. Now the adventure begins.

Exploring the world

Movement in this game is done with either the mouse, joystick, or the arrow keys. Select the "Do" Icon from the top of the screen. the cursor now looks like a hand. This icon lets you move to the position where you clicked.

The "Do" Icon is used to talk to people, pick up things, or move other objects. To get someone to talk to you, click on that person. You can find out who a person is, and what problem that person has by clicking the Do Icon on him or her. To speak to someone, click the Do Icon on your character. You can gain another person's trust, or make a new friend by talking to others.

Clicking the Do Icon on things in the picture will sometimes make things happen. Your character can pick up some things in this way. You will also cause some actions to happen in the picture, such as a raccoon appearing or a frog jumping.

To look at something, select the "See" Icon from the top of the screen. the cursor now looks like an eye. When you use this cursor to click on something on the screen, the name of the object appears near the object, and a sentence usingthe name appears at the bottom of the screen.

When you click on the "Map" icon, the screen will show a map of the game world and show where your character is now located.

Starting and finishing a story

when you meet people in the game, the best thing to do is talk to them. Read what they have to say and let them tell you what is going on. When you can figure out which story a person is from, move your cursor to the icon bar and click on the "Fairy Tale" book. This menu shows the titles of the stories in this game. If you select the correct title, "Once upon A Time" will appear and the story will start. the title on the menu changes color once you have started a story. It will change to a darker color when the story has ended.

Sometimes a story will be missing an important object. You need to search around the game world to find that object and return it to its owner. When you find it, select it with the Do Icon, and an image of the object will appear on your Inventory Icon. You can only hold one object at a time in this game. If you meet a character, their picture will show in the Inventory Icon, but you will also still have the last object you picked up. If you pick up a new object, you will drop the object you were carrying. You can come back and get it later.

Sometimes you will need to look for someone who is missing. When you find them, talk with them. sometimes they will need you to do something for them. At other times, they will need you to guide them back where they belong.

For help in finding things, visit and talk to Bookwyrm. When you click the Do Icon on your character, you will ask Bookwyrm where a missing object or person is located. He can help give directions to where things can be found.the map will help you follow his directions.

When you have found all the missing objects and people for a story, then the story will cme to its end. "And They Lived Happily Ever After" will appear on the screen. When you help complete all five stories, Bookwyrm will need your help once more.

The slider Icon

Select the slider Icon in your icon menu with your mouse, joystick or arrow keys. this will bring upa selection panel. From this panel, you can select"Save" to store your game to play at another time. Your game will be stored under the name you chose at the beginning of the game.

"Play" is used to get rid of this window and continue the game.

the "Sierra On-Line" logo will give you information about who made this game, and suggest other Sierra games to play.

"Quit" lets you stop playing. when you quit the game without finishing it, your game will automatically be saved.

The slider bar lets you adjust the volume of the music.

The Question Mark Icon is used to get information about the other controls.