Gold Rush!

Tech support

Gold Rush!'s original requirements:

- 8088 / 8086 or better CPU
- VGA/EGA/Tandy (16 colors) or CGA (4 colors) or Hercules (2 colors)
- 256KB RAM
- MS-DOS 2.11 or greater
- 1-1.5 MB Hard drive space
- Supports: Joystick, Hard Disk

Running the game in DOSBox

On today's operating systems,Gold Rush is best run under DOSBox. If you change dosbox.conf to set "machine=tandy" instead of "machine=vga" there will be 3 voice PCjr/Tandy music with a white noise channel. You can also get Tandy sound in Sierra's AGI games without having to emulate Tandy video mode if you run "" with a "-t" after it in the game's directory, i.e.: " -t". If you are not familiar with DOSBox, you can use this automatic installer from the Sierra Helppages which also automatically sets it to 3-channel Tandy sound.

The house buyer does not come

This is related to the ingame timer. Change the speed setting of the game and check if the timer runs properly by pressing F6.