Tech support

System requirements

For Windows
- 486 SX-33Mhz or faster
- Windows 3.1 or better
- Double-speed CD-ROM drive
- 640X480 at 256 color video driver or better
- Hard drive
- Mouse

For Macintosh
- Color Macintosh system
- 8MB system memory free
- System 6.07 or better
- CD-ROM Drive

Running Shivers on modern operating systems

Shivers has been successfully tested on Windows XP, using compatibility mode. Make sure to skip system tests while installing. The best way however to make Shivers (which is not MS-DOS compatible) run, is by installing Windows 3.1 in DOSBox, and install it as such.

Auto-run hangs

This is caused by the installer looking for a previous installation of Shivers. Simply run the setup directly from the CD drive itself.