Last Dynasty (The)


A long time ago, the Ultimate Knowledge, the sum of all learning, was entrusted to the Zandor Dynasty. To this day, it is Yannis who is its keeper. When his son, Mel, was still a child, Lord Iron of the Periphious solar system, conquered the Zandor galaxy. His power grew to the point where it threatened the planet Kisko, the Zandor imperial capital. They had to escape and take refuge on the planet Zynest 4. Yannis Zandor decided to precipitate the transfer of the ultimate knowledge, dividing it between Mel, and his brother. No longer unified, it would be powerless. He entrusted the care of Mel to Dok, the most loyal squire of the empire. Then he sent Mel to the blue planet, earth, so he could grow up out of the reach of Iron's claws. About a month ago, Lord Iron found Mel's brother and took control of his mind. Realizing he could do nothing without Mel's half of the ultimate knowledge, he sent out to find Mel. Thanks to Mel's inherited powers for space combat, he managed to escape him, but now he needs a refuge...

The Last Dynasty is space-combat game, designed by Sierra's French daughter company, Coktel Vision, who also designed the Inca games and Goblins games. You play as Mel, son of Yannis, prince of the Zandor Dynasty, and keeper of half of the Ultimate Knowledge. You pilot your Arrow spacecraft through fourteen missions, which become harder as the game progresses. The spacecraft is also equipped with enough weapons (lasers, rockets, missiles and aft mines) to successfully completely each mission, but not with so many weapons that missions are like a walk in the park. You will have to combine both flight skill with strategic use of weapons to complete the game. Several missions you have to fly alone while in other missions you will join combat with allies, or have the possibility to call in reinforcements. The in-game map also allows to give specific instructions to allied vessels, such as attacking specific targets or protecting other allied vessels. The Last Dynasty is only a space-combat game either - there is also an adventure chapter where you will explore an enemy base in first person view, searching for and destroying a clone which lord Iron is making of Mel.

As in most other Coktel Vision games, the Last Dynasty makes use of live actors for the cut scenes. With the capacity of the CD-ROM, this game has more variety of scenes, unlike earlier Coktel Vision games, such as Lost in Time where facial closeups of actors were recorded and used over and over again for every scene. The game was made with SVGA graphics and released for DOS and Windows.

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