Timewarp of Dr. Brain (The)


The Log-In Screen

Following the introduction cartoon you will be transported to the Log-In screen to enter the game. There are four alien ships on the top of this screen, labeled: new, restore, language, and quit. Shooting any of these alien ships will automatically transport you to another screen with the key information for that topic.

New Ship: To start a new game, you must name it. To name a game, use the mouse or keyboard to enter an eight, or less, character name, such as "ALISON." After you have chosen your name, press or click [ENTER]. This will automatically transport you to the first puzzle area, Primordial Soup.

Restore Ship: On this screen you can restore a previous game and check your progress and score for each of the ten puzzle areas.

To restore a previous game, use the arrows to scroll through the list of saved games to select the name of the game you want to restore. When a name is highlighted, click on [ENTER] to return to the puzzle area you exited the game. All games are automatically saved as you move from puzzle to puzzle.

To check your progress in each of the puzzle areas, move your mouse over the graphic of the triune brain, it will list the statistics for that particular area. When all the puzzles are 100% completed you can return to this screen to view the closing animation.

Language Ship: Shooting this ship gives you the option of setting the language to English, German or French.

Quit Ship: Although you may quit at anytime using Cmd-Q for Macs or Alt-Q for PCs, shooting this ship allows for an easy exit.

UFO's: Occasionally a UFO will fly across the top of your screen, if you are curious, shoot it.