Lords of the Realm II

Tech support

Lords of the Realm II original requirements

- Windows 95 or DOS 6.0+
- 486/66 Mhz+ (Pentium 75+ preferred)
- Local Bus Video
- 34MB HD
- 2X CD-ROM (4X CD-ROM preferred)
- Mouse
- Soundcard with DAC
- For multiplayer: Windows 95 & modem or network

Running Lords of the Realm II under Windows XP or Vista

This XP/Vista Installer for Lords of the Realm II was created by Jafa and can originally be found on his website www.squirtthecat.com.

From www.squirtthecat.com:

Modified for Windows XP/Vista

* XP/Vista installer.
* XP/Vista windows executable.
* Scales to use entire screen (Direct3D bilinear interpolation).
* Eliminates black lines in cut-scenes.
* Per-user save games (Vista friendly).
* Fixes loading errors under XP/Vista.


* Windows XP or Vista.
* DirectX 9c (Direct3D).
* Lords of the Realm 2 CD set (not included): English


* Update and include the map editor (Siege Pack)

English install

Changes to the original game XP/Vista Installer

* New installer created to be XP/Vista friendly.
* The installer will install the files normally included by a Sierra install plus Siege Pack install.
* The Sierra L2WINFIX 1.03 update files are included and installed.
* The Sierra L2SGPT23 update files are included and installed.

XP/Vista Executable

* Modified version of the original Sierra Windows 95 executable.
* Eliminate black lines in cut-scenes.
* Upscale to full screen resolution while maintaining aspect ratio.
o Dirext3D hardware accelerated bilinear interpolation.
o On a widescreen monitor black bars are added left/right to maintain correct aspect ratio.
* Store save games per user to work under Vista. Default APPDATA locations:
o XP: C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Sierra\Lords of the Realm 2
o Vista: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Sierra\Lords of the Realm 2