Lost in Time


Music extracted with Audiograbber as a single file and then cut to segments with Audacity. there are both background tracks and cut scene tracks. Unfortunately the music and character speech during cut scenes could not be separated, so you'll hear character voices during those music clips.

01. Lost in Time Theme

02. Ship Hold

03. Yoruba the Slave

04. Mid Deck theme 1

05. Manor Grounds

06. De La Pruneliere Manor

07. The Vault

08. The Lighthouse

09. Meeting Jarlath

10. Mid Deck Theme 2

11. Oswald's Plan

12. The Music Room

13. Captain's Record

14. Yoruba's Necklace

15. Arrival on St. Cristobald

16. Galipo

17. Meeting Makandal

18. Makandal's Demands

19. Delia's Love Potion

20. Makandal Holds a Toast

21. velvet's Story

22. The Kitchen

23. Jarlath's Plan

24. All Just a Dream?