Aim of the game

The Goblins have to cross strange countries strewn with plots that they have to overcome by helping each other and by each one of them using their particular special talents.

Asgard (Bobo in the US release) is a warrior who only uses his fists - he hits everything in sight and is strong enough to pull himself up ropes and still continue to fight. Ignatius (Hooter in the US release) is a magician who can cast spells at a distance. Unfortunately he's not always able to control their effects completely. Oups (Dwayne in the US release) is the technician of the group, who deliberately collects and uses the various objects he comes across on the journey. His weak constitution only allows him to carry one object at a time. Each array is an original mystery punctuated with jokes which you have to solve whilst conserving as much of your energy as possible. there is an energy quota for the group which is reduced with each incorrect action you take.

Amongst the things that take up your energy are falls, blows received, shocks, loss of useful objects and incorrect use of objects. Beware, certain particularly inept actions make you use up a lot of energy and will send you back to the beginning of the scene. Total loss of your energy quota will bring an end to the game. You can either quit or recall the array with the help of its code.


Selecting a Goblin

The three Goblins are on the screen together but are manipulated one at a time. the head of the elf appears in the crystal ball as soon as he is put into action and then puts himself in profile on the screen. In order to change Goblins, press space bar, place the mouse on the ball and press the left button, or place the mouse directly on the chosen goblin and press the left button.


The cursor changes shape when you right-click the mouse. the arrow serves to move things around. Press the left mouse button to designate the spot or the object to be moved. the fist cursor serves to instigate an action. Press the left mouse button to designate the place or the object to be activated. the actions differ according to the Goblin operative in the chosen spot - the magician casts a spell, the warrior takes a blow or hangs from a rope, and the technician uses the object in his possession (ob himself, randomly, on a precise spot on the screen, or on another character. the hand cursor oly appears with the technician. It serves to collect or deposit objects. In order to pick up an object, place cursor directly on it and press the left mouse button. In order to deposit the object, place the cursor on the ground and left-click. As the technician can only have one object in his possession at a time, the new object he picks up replaces the object he was holding, dropping it on the ground.

Game toolbar

The toolbar on the bottom consists of interactive zones and neutral zones.

The interactive zones are:
- the crystal ball: click on it to change chosen character
- the skull: click on it to quit or load a game (pressing ESC during game play will also reveal the quit/load window)

The neutral zones are:
- the energy line, indicating the combined energy level of the Goblins
- the name of the object in the technician's possession
- four magic objects which you should find in the course of the quest (once you have them, they are underlined)

Saving a game

the safeguard is automatic. At each array the code of the following array will be displayed. In order to quit or re-load the game, left-click the skull or press ESC, and choose your action. If you want to reload an array, enter the corresponding code on the keyboard.