Gunman Chronicles


Activating the Cheat Mode

Start the game with the command-line parameters: -dev -console -game rewolf (example: c:gunmangunman.exe -dev -console -game rewolf). Then use any of the codes listed after pressing ' to bring down the console.

/god God Mode
/noclip No Clipping Mode
/impulse 101 All Weapons and Ammo
/map X Goto Map X
/give X Give Item X

Item Names

weapon_fists, weapon_gausspistol, weapon_shotgun, weapon_minigun, weapon_beamgun, weapon_dml, weapon_SPchemicalgun

ammo_gaussclip, ammo_buckshot, ammo_minigunClip, ammo_beamgunclip, ammo_dmlclip, ammo_chemical

item_healthkit, item_armor, player_armor vehicle_tank

Map Names

cinematic1, cinematic2, cinematic3, cinematic4
city1a, city1b, city2a, city2b, city3a, city3b
end1, end2
mayan0a, mayan0b, mayan1, mayan3a, mayan4, mayan6, mayan8
rebar0a, rebar0b, rebar2a, rebar2b, rebar2c, rebar2d, rebar2e, rebar2f, rebar2g, rebar2h, rebar2i, rebar2j, rebar2k, rebar2l, rebar3b, rebar3d, rebar3e
rust1, rust2a, rust2b, rust3a, rust4a, rust4b, rust4c, rust5a, rust6a, rust6b, rust6c, rust6d, rust7a, rust7b, rust7c, rust7d, rust7e, rust8a, rust9a
west1, west2, west3a, west3b, west4a, west4b, west5b, west6a, west6b, west6c, west6d, west6e