Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magic Obscura


Map coordinates for the Arcanum Continent

Torin Quarry W1420, S1100
Torgs Altar W1214, S1139
Crash Site W1452, S1292
Arbalahs House W1453, S1304
Shrouded Hills W1409, S1306
Simon Fahrkus- Shack W1452, S1326
Black Root W1097, S1442
Wolfs Cave W1230, S1532
Liams Workshop W1181, S1466
Ancient Maze W1368, S1585
Tarant W937, S1027
Derholm W1238, S1652
Razor Points W1503, S1771
Hardins Pass W1289, S712
Stone Cutter Clan W1342, S887
Wheel Clan W954, S667
Still Water W1191, S754
The Black Mountain Mines W1308, S755

Ancient Temple W775, S917
Vooriden W871, S1191
Elven Ruins W712, S1022
Forbidden Pit W833, S1032
Kree W635, S1203
Ashbury W506, S987
Ancient Shipwreck W500, S891
The Lair of Bellerogrim W769, S839

Shades Beach W374, S826
The Women's Camp W268, S823
The home of Maximilian W321, S837

Falcon's Ache W1327, S562
Quintarr W1546, S657
Small Pond W1596, S881
Small Camp W1262, S477
T'sen Ang W1507, S297
Secret Village W1320, S181
The Poachers Camp W1207, S275
The Bedokaan Village W1179, S315

Kerlin's Altair W883, S423
The Bog W1077, S514
Strange Pond W620, S526

Broken Cathedral W1630, S1206
The Old Lagoon W1694, S1320
The Cold Place W1612, S1414
Rosen borough W1749, S1514
Bold's Altar W1626, S1635
Caladon W1606, S1828

Liams Workshop

When you go to close the gate, don't. You can go from level 12 to 30 in a couple of hours of just killing the creatures that come out of the gate. There is a limit to how many come out though. This makes the rest of the game much easier if you are just in it for the story anyway.

Use Harm Spell

Harm is a beautiful spell at higher levels - you can just keep ripping on the enemy with it, and after 3 or 4 hits, even some tough opponents crumble (all for only 20 mana...) Combined with a high dex, you can barrage opponents and quickly turn the tide of any fight.

Learn How to Pick Locks

Never worry about money again. Learn how to pick locks. You can go to lots of different shops (Shrouded hills for example) pick the locks (a set of lockpicks/auto skeleton key make a big difference) to their back rooms and then the one on the chest/barrel/crate. All of the items they have for sale are inside those chests. Find the stuff that sells for a big price and sell their own stuff back to them until they're broke. They get a new supply of money every day. Save the game next to the door before you pick it in case the lock jams or they get pissed and attack. This trick won't work in all shops but it works in enough of them.

Collect the Money

In the city of Tarant go to the prostitute brothel and finish the first job. Then ask for another job. When you do, she will give you the job of collecting late payments from the hotel door man. After 5 days of waiting for his salary collect the money as much as you want. You can keep collecting the money unless you go to the back to the brothel and give them 400 gold.