Monolith Productions


Founded in October 1994 and based in Kirkland, Washington, Monolith Productions, Inc., is one of the leading developer-founded and developer-centric publishers in the computer gaming community. Recognized for their stylish, high-energy approach to development, Monolith creates the content gamers want, often using their own proprietary technology, the LithTech 3D Engine.

Monolith's six founders envisioned a company aggressively focused on delivering exciting games, reflective of their own enthusiasm as gamers. Above all, Monolith emphasizes the importance of being active and involved in the gaming community at a grass roots level by creating a company that listens to gamers, focuses on creating edgy content and leads the field in hot new technologies.

Monolith first grabbed the attention of the gaming public with their controversial shooter Blood, which was published by GT Interactive and lived up to its gory name. By 1998, Monolith graduated to self-publishing status, bringing gamers the equally distinctive Get Medieval, Rage of Mages and the critically acclaimed Shogo: Mobile Armor Division, which married uncompromising first-person shooter gameplay with the stylized flair of the Japanese anime genre.