Eat My Dust



After the short intro video, you'll see the main menu. Here you can select the play mode.

Single Player: Play by yourself in Time Trial mode or race against computer-controlled opponents to try and cross the finish line first.

Two Player: Two players racing on one computer in split-screen mode. You can play head-to-head mode (without computer-controlled opponents) or Road Rally mode (with computer-controlled opponents).

Two Player (Network): Challenge players to a race over the internet. This mode is no longer supported.

Credits: click this to see the game credits.

Exit: click this to leave the game.


Driver: Select one of the 6 available drivers to drive as. You can click the "LOOK!" button for a full description and the selected character saying some funny lines. Each driver has different lines during the race and different post-race videos. Note that in Two Player, both players can select the same driver.

Vehicle: Select one of the 5 available vehicles. Each of the vehicles has its own top speed, acceleration and maneuverability. You can click the "LOOK!" button for a full description and stats of each vehicle. In Road Rally Mode you'll race against the remaining vehicles. Note that in Two Player Mode, both players can select the same vehicle.

The table below shows the vehicle, its top speed, acceleration, and maneuverability.




Very High


Terrain: Select one of the 4 different terrains. These simply provide different graphics and animations, but the race tracks are the same.

Track: Choose an easy, medium, or hard track layout.

Driver Sign-In: Type in your name. In 2-Player mode there will be two sign-in boxes - click the words "Driver 1" or "Driver 2" to make selections for each player.

- NOVICE: slower cars and less ruthless opponents.
- ADVANCED: faster cars and trigger-happy opponents.
- PRO: super-fast but hard-to-handle cars and merciless opponents.

TIME TRIAL: Just you and the open road.
HEAD TO HEAD: You and a friend, no computer opponents.
ROAD RALLY: 5-car race, either you and 4 computer-controlled cars (1-Player) or you, a friend, and 3 computer-controlled players (2-player)

Road Hog On: Unleashes a smoke-belcing nuisance in a clownish car who interferes with all racers. Turn him off if you can't handle the distraction.

Main menu: Click this to return to the main menu.

Custom track: Lets you race on a track you've built yourself. the Track Editor is not included on the game CD but was made available on the Eat My Dust website in January 1997. You can now download it from the "Bonus Content" section of this game page.

Options: Takes you to the options screen (see below).

Start!: Start the race with the selections you've made.


the options menu is accessed from the Selection Screen.

Detail level: Adjust graphic resolution. Higher levels give better-looking graphics. Lower levels increase game performance.

Joystick/Steering Wheel On: Check this box if you are using a joystick or steering wheel. Set up your controller using the Windows 95 Control Panel before launching Eat My Dust.

Character Sounds On: Uncheck to turn off comments during a race.

Net Setup: Contains the Eat My Dust net server address (no longer active).

Force Low Memory Environment: Check this box to increase game performance.

Engine Sounds: Adjust or turn off your car engine sounds.

Music CD On: Uncheck to turn off music.

Keyboard Setup: Lets you reassign actions to any key.

Note: Taunts are verbal challenges you can send to an Internet opponent. Next Song and Previous Song let you change the music during a race.