3-D Ultra Radio Control Racers Deluxe: Traxxas Edition

Making of

Executive producer

Susan Folden

Associate producer

Daryl L. Nichols Jr


Randy Thompson

Game Design

Richard Tunnell
Shawn Bird
Jonathan Paton

Production Assistant

Jared Eden

Lead Programmer

Dave McClurg

Car Physics Programmer

Dave Merrill

Art Director

Shawn Bird

Lead Artists

Danny Ngan
Jonathan Paton

Shell and Game Production Artist

Shannon Holder

Conceptual Artists

Don Carson
Marcello Vignali

Additional Car Skins

Thomas C. Berry
Brian Davis
Jake Winter

Art Special Thanks

Zygote Media Group
Anthony Lewis
Ian Christy
Matthew Morgaine
Brian Mark Hahn
Paul Rhienfelder

Original Music Composition

Christopher Stevens

Sound Effects

Kenneth (Ken) Rogers

Voice Talent

Bill Barrett

Voice Direction

Ken Embery
Shawn Bird

Voice Recording and Processing

Christopher Stevens

QA Director

Gary Stevens

QA Supervisor- Dynamix

Lloyd Madden

QA Supervisor- Sierra

Laurel Randall

Lead QA Engineer

Jake Martin

QA Lead Tester

Sonya Rhen

QA Testers

Neil Witkin
Sean Meichle
James Evans
Geoff Upton-Rowley

Marketing Product Manager

Lori Inman

Web Developer

Charles Marier

Creative Services

Kevin Lamb

Video Department Director

James R. Carey

Video Department Manager

Kate Alley

Video Department

Sage Freeman
Steve Bradford
David Aughenbaugh
Serena Scholl

Technical Support

David Stambaugh
Jeff Debraal
Brian Peck


Evan Karp
Karen Peal


Carrie Dupre
Matthew Larson
Sheri Wondra

Documentation - Writing

The Russell Group

Documentation - Layout

Jerry Wiant